Hot Dish Caddy Rectangle + Add Straps

Hot Dish Caddy Rectangle with Straps Tutorial (24) RS

Ok just one more Hot Dish Caddy to go with the original I made a couple of weeks ago (link here)!  I love my circle one but thought some handy carry straps would be a great little feature.  I also needed a larger rectangle shape to carry my large rectangle dish out to BBQ’s, picnics or pot luck dinners.   A double layer of flannelette was the lining of choice this time, rainbow stripes none the less!

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Birthday Calendar Verjaardagskalender Free Printables

Birthday Calendar Verjaardagskalender Free Printable (16)

I have been wanting a Birthday Calendar (Verjaardagskalender) for quite a while now!  Most people I knew growing up in The Netherlands had a Birthday Calendar (Verjaardagskalender) hanging in their house…most often they are hung in the toilet!  It is a room you go everyday, and when you hang the Birthday Calendar on the back of the door (or whichever way you are facing from the toilet) you will never miss that upcoming birthday again.  In New Zealand however no one has these, so I guess I might get some comments from family and friends who find it hanging in the bathroom!

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Hot Dish Caddy Tutorial + Free Pattern

Hot Dish Caddy Tutorial and Pattern (13)

The Hot Dish Caddy is just the thing for taking hot dishes out to pot luck dinners or BBQ’s.  In New Zealand we would say ‘bring a plate’ which means a dish/plate of food to share, and has confused many visitors over the years who actually turn up with a plate to eat off.  I believe we even did that once when we first moved to NZ from The Netherlands!  With this tutorial and free printable pdf pattern you can make your own Hot Dish Caddy to easily carry your hot dish from the oven to wherever you are going.  Not to mention it will help keep it nice and warm in the process too!

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Neoprene Ear Bands for Swimming with Grommets


Neoprene Ear Bands for Swimming with Grommets (8)

Does a little person you know have grommets?  If so you have probably heard of or seen neoprene bands to hold their ear plugs in place.  This neoprene bands keep the ear plugs securely in place without the need for a swimming cap.  Which makes them great for in the bath or shower too, you can still wash their hair!  This tutorial comes with a free printable pdf pattern and all the instructions you need.

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Nina Makes has moved to WordPress!

This is just a quick post to let you all know Nina Makes has moved to wordpress!  It is still a work in progress and I will spend the next little while sorting out the design etc etc.  The site is definitely not finished but I just wanted to get it up and running so you could all still visit, and access the tutorials you need.

Bear with me if not everything is working, I promise I am working on it!

Watch this space…it won’t look like this for long!

PS. It looks like only some of the photos are loading, I will sort that soon ‘luckily’ I still have all the photos on the entire blog on a flash drive at home!  As soon as my ISP lets me access the site I will start checking and adding them. I am currently out visiting to use a different ISP provider (thanks Dad!) to be able to access the site.  Nothing is ever simple!


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