Joining Elastic 3 Ways - Beginners Tutorial

Updated: Learn to Sew – Joining Elastic 3 Ways

As part of my Learn to Sew tutorials for beginners I have updated my Joining Elastic 3 Ways post.  Now it matches the new formatting and should be a lot easier to read and use.  So if you need a little help with joining elastic, then check out the updated post!

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Learn to sew - step 1 - straight seam

Learn to Sew – A Straight Seam – Beginners Tutorial

Do you want to learn to sew?  Think it is too difficult? I have been told by so many people that sewing is just too hard…well I thought I would start addressing that by making tutorials for the absolute beginner.  I will be bringing out a series of very basic and easy to follow tutorials to get you started on your learn to sew journey.

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Pattern Review – The Party Dress by The Cottage Mama

It is Hannah’s 8th Birthday tomorrow and it dawned on me that she had outgrown her party dress.  I have wanted to try out The Party Dress by The Cottage Mama for quite a while now.  It’s so cute, has a large size range and is even free!  Excuse in hand I got to work and got this dress started and finished in 3 hours.  Not too bad considering I had never sewn it before and that I had to print and tape the pattern too (all of 4 pages lol!).

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Hot Dish Caddy Rectangle + Add Straps

Ok just one more Hot Dish Caddy to go with the original I made a couple of weeks ago (link here)!  I love my circle one but thought some handy carry straps would be a great little feature.  I also needed a larger rectangle shape to carry my large rectangle dish out to BBQ’s, picnics or pot luck dinners.   A double layer of flannelette was the lining of choice this time, rainbow stripes none the less!

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Birthday Calendar Verjaardagskalender Free Printables

I have been wanting a Birthday Calendar (Verjaardagskalender) for quite a while now!  Most people I knew growing up in The Netherlands had a Birthday Calendar (Verjaardagskalender) hanging in their house…most often they are hung in the toilet!  It is a room you go everyday, and when you hang the Birthday Calendar on the back of the door (or whichever way you are facing from the toilet) you will never miss that upcoming birthday again.  In New Zealand however no one has these, so I guess I might get some comments from family and friends who find it hanging in the bathroom!

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