Nina Makes has moved to WordPress!

This is just a quick post to let you all know Nina Makes has moved to wordpress!  It is still a work in progress and I will spend the next little while sorting out the design etc etc.  The site is definitely not finished but I just wanted to get it up and running so you could all still visit, and access the tutorials you need.

Bear with me if not everything is working, I promise I am working on it!

Watch this space…it won’t look like this for long 🙂

PS. It looks like only some of the photos are loading, I will sort that soon ‘luckily’ I still have all the photos on the entire blog on a flash drive at home!  As soon as my ISP lets me access the site I will start checking and adding them. I am currently out visiting to use a different ISP provider (thanks Dad!) to be able to access the site.  Nothing is ever simple!


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How to Repair Small Holes in Clothing using Fabric Paint

How to Repair Small Holes in Clothing using Fabric Paint (18)r

Today I’m going to show you how to use dimensional fabric paint to patch little holes in clothing.  I have only done this on tees but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work on other fabrics too.  The first T-shirt I patched for Hannah is still going strong 8 weeks later and that is with a lot of wash and wear.


That is the first attempt, the little hearts are too cute and Hannah just loved them.  I loved the result, so when I saw another little hole in one of Hannah’s long sleeve tees I just knew I had to share it with you!  It is so much quicker than sewing on a patch and a lot cuter too!


The longest part of this whole project is waiting for the paint to dry!

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Soft Stuffed Fabric Ball Scrap Busting Pattern + Tutorial

Soft Stuffed Fabric Ball Pattern   Tutorial (23)

These Stuffed Fabric Balls are an excellent scrap busting project!  Not only can you use the littlest pieces of scrap fabric you can stuff them with scraps too.  And also a great little gift to sew for boys or girls and I think a baby would love one too!  You could even add a few folded pieces of ribbon as in my Baby Taggie Blanket/Comforter Tutorial for that texture little ones love exploring.

Soft Stuffed Fabric Ball Pattern   Tutorial (27)

We are currently on school holidays here in New Zealand, the rainy and cold middle of the winter kind.  With the weather finally turning in after the mildest winter on record, the kids don’t know what has hit them!  So needless to say we needed some inside activities.  With a complete lack of soft balls to through at each other…I mean play a game with I got to work!  I had a quick squiz around www land to see if there were any I could quickly whip up and I wasn’t finding the quick and easy answer I was looking for.

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Upcycling Leggings into Children’s Harem Pants Tutorial

Upcycled Leggings into Children's Harem Pants Tutorial (4)

I was given these leggings to upcycle and then I had a brain wave for a quick and easy upcycle idea!  Since these leggings are quite small and a nice floaty knit fabric (viscose elastane) I thought they would make great Harem pants for Hannah.  The only things I need to alter is the waistband and the length.

Upcycled Leggings into Children's Harem Pants Tutorial

For this tutorial I used my overlocker and sewing machine, but you can easily get away with only using your regular sewing machine.  Just use a zigzag stitch and the knit fabric should not fray anyway!

These cute pants are definitely comfortable and stretchy!

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Make Your Own Pom Pom ‘Toorie’ Tutorial

Highland Dance Pom Pom Toorie Tutorial r

As part of making my Highland Dancing Balmoral Bonnet tutorial (coming soon!) I needed to make a ‘Toorie’ more commonly known as a pom pom.  I thought the original tutorial was getting way too long, so here is a separate one just for the pom pom!  The above Balmoral Bonnet was given to me for Hannah, and is not the one I am making but it has a Toorie to show you!

Pom Pom Toorie Tutorial Highland Dancing (27)r

As far as I can work out, going on my thorough google image search and checking out the other dancers, I have come to the conclusion that the toorie needs to be either white, the same colour as the hat or a combination (marle) of the hat colour and white.  I am sure there are plenty more rules but I’m sure you probably know what you are wanting to make if you ended up reading this post!

Pom Pom Toorie Tutorial Highland Dancing (28)r

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Finding Dory Party Treats Jelly/Jello Slice Recipe

Finding Dory Party Treats JellyJello Slice Recipe_www

Need a easy no bake party treat solution for your Finding Dory themed party?  Or a delicious jelly/jello slice for any occasion and colour scheme you might need.  This Finding Dory Jelly/Jello Slice is nice and easy to make, the hardest part is waiting for the layers to set!  Not to mention it is rather delicious even for the grown ups too.

Finding Dory party ideas jelly jello slice_www

I have started creating craft tutorials for other sites which has introduced me to the world of movie themed party and craft ideas.  Want to see the Finding Dory Party Ideas, yep that’s the link!   I couldn’t help but think of another Finding Dory themed party idea for Nina Makes too.  Not to mention I don’t need much of an excuse for eating jelly!  For those wondering, in NZ Jelly is the wobbly desert, Jello isn’t a word and Jam is what you eat with peanut butter…clear as mud.

Finding Dory easy party treats recipe_www

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