Baby Track Pants

This is a bit of a follow on from the Upcycling Footed Pants tutorial.  The now footless pants were such a hit, I made two more pairs from scratch.
Trackpants a
Pink and light grey marle stripes with a matching grey marle cuff.
Trackpants b
Grey marle with a turquoise cuff.
You can check out the basic instructions for these in my Contrast Baby Pants Tutorial.  I have used the previously footed baby track pants as a pattern for these.  They are a wider fit than the contrast baby pants as they are not stretch.  Here are the photos,
Trackpants c
I did change the waistband to a sewn in elastic rather than sew the tube and feed the elastic through.  This has the advantage of not getting twisted in the wash.  You can do the other way if you prefer!  You can always sew the elastic down in a couple of places to prevent it twisting.
Trackpants d
I used the flat method of joining my elastic to prevent the double layer, check out my joining elastic tutorial here.
Trackpants e
Turn you pants the right side facing out and place elastic inside it.  I start with the seam matching it to the back of the track pants.  I want to line the edge of the fabric up with the edge of the elastic so that I catch both when sewing it together.
Trackpants f
Now to make sure you get the elastic evenly spread, I fold it in half and mark it with a pin.  Then line this pin up with the centre seam in the front of the pants, and pin in place just like the back.  Then spread the rest evenly and pin in place.  As you can see below I like to use a few pins (8 this time) to ensure I get an even gather.
Trackpants g
Time to sew it together!
Trackpants h
If you want to add a tag, pop that in place before you sew the waistband.  Take care to keep the elastic edge and the edge of fabric lined up to ensure you catch both when you sew.  I like to use zigzag for this.  For a few reasons, I like how it looks, it retains the stretch really well and it doesn’t stop the elastic relaxing back as much as a straight stitch.
Trackpants i

See!  I love the look of the zigzag, just finishes it nicely!
All that is left to do is sew on the cuffs, you can see how to do that in the Contrast Baby Pants Tutorial.
Trackpants j
Happy Sewing!

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