Cat Silhouette Card – FREE Template

Cat Sihouette Card 001

I thought a cat silhouette would be a nice addition to the Owl and Teddy cards!  Luckily I have the best photo to work from!

Ed & Ellie

These two gorgeous creatures are Ellie & Ed (Sister & Brother) our flat cats from many years ago.  My two flatmates and I decided that we needed a flat cat, so we looked in the Trader or Newspaper can’t remember which (it was some time ago!).  We found a kitten not too far away and arranged to have a look.  Well the flatmates couldn’t agree on which one to get, and the owner said ‘I’m so glad you came, my boyfriend was sick of them and said he was going to get rid of them if they weren’t gone today’!  So needless to say we ended up with both of them! 

I remember taking this photo and being amazed they were that close to each other, they definitely weren’t mates!  Ed lived a long life and died a couple of years ago well into his teens, and I believe Ellie is still alive now! 

I chose to use Ellie’s silhouette as I like the shape of her ears in this photo.  I used paint to copy and paste Ellie and remove her surroundings.


After a little editing I decided I preferred the silhouette with out the tail hanging down, and instead I have wrapped it around her feet.


I used a regular ball point pen to go round the outside, just on the edge to make it as smooth/sharp as possible.  I then used a Brother Scan N Cut to scan the image and cut it out.  No I’m not sponsored by Brother ( I wish!), I’m just lucky enough to have a very crafty Mother in law who has leant me her machine! 

You can still make the card without one!  You can just print out the cat and cut around it to make a template like I did in the Owl Card tutorial and the Teddy Card Tutorial

You can download the above silhouette here for free!

There you have it!  You can keep it simple with the plain silhouette.  Or add a patterned background, possibly round the corners or even add a bow!  You can even add a number for a birthday or an initial to personalise it.  Happy card making!!

Cat Sihouette Card 001