Contrast Baby Pants

Contrast Baby Pants
Make your own Contrast Baby Pants, no need for a pattern.  I made these for my gorgeous niece Emily, twenty odd photos later I had to hold her feet up to get her to keep her legs still!
All you need is some stretch fabric and ribbing in a contrasting colour (or matching if you like!).  If you don’t have ribbing you can use another piece of stretch fabric.  I used a pair of Emily’s baby pants as the pattern, but made them about two sizes larger to fit later on.
What you will need
  • Stretch Fabric
  • Ribbing (or more stretch fabric)
  • 1” (25mm) Elastic – I used 19” (48cm)
Baby Pants aBaby pants b
Lay your fabric out folded double, turn the pants you are using as a pattern inside out and lay them on your fabric.  Make sure that the stretch in the fabric goes across the pants in the same direction as the waist (not up and down the leg).  Draw round the outside leaving a little room for seam allowance, as you can see I have quite a bit of room as I wanted them two sizes bigger.  Take note of the waist at the top of the front side in the middle picture.  Cut out both pieces, you should have two mirror image pieces of the front and the back.
Lay the pieces right sides facing each other, and pin the pieces together at the crotch.  As shown in the photos on the right.
 Baby Pants c
Sew the crotch seams together.  I used a ball point needle and a regular straight stitch, not a stretch stitch, as the stretch goes in the other direction.  I then finished of the edges with an overlocker (serger).  If you don’t have an overlocker/serger then you can just leave the edge as it is, stretch shouldn’t fray.  Or you can zigzag to tidy and secure the edge.  You can sew the whole thing with just an overlocker but I prefer to sew first for the added strength in the seams.  It’s also a lot easier to unpick a mistake when sewing the first time round, trying to unpick an overlocked seam is impossible!
Baby Pants d

Lay your pieces flat with the right sides facing, and pin the inseam together.  I like to start at the crotch  in the centre as you can trim the legs if the pieces aren’t quite the same length.  Then sew and finish as you did for the crotch piece, it should look like the middle picture above.  Now you can pin the side seams together, still with the right sides facing.
Baby Pants e

I like to add a small ribbon tab to the outside leg seam.  I don’t have any personalised tags (I will be making some soon!), and I like the option to choose the colour.  I cut a piece about 2” (5cm) long, fold it in half with the right side out.  I tuck it into the seam with the cut sides lining up with the edge of the fabric and pin it in place.  Then sew and finish the side seams as you did for the crotch and inseam.  You just sew right over the ribbon tab.  You can now turn your pants the right way round!
Baby Pants f

It is time to cut out the cuff pieces, you will need to measure the bottom of the leg.  As you can see in the middle picture mine is roughly 3 1/2 inches (9cm), so I doubled this for the length, I didn’t leave any seam allowance as I want the cuff to be slightly smaller than the pants leg.  I needed to cut out two pieces of 4” (10cm) x 7” (18cm).  I liked the 4” (10cm) width but you can easily make the cuff smaller or larger as you like.
Baby Pants g

Fold your cuff pieces in half, right sides facing.  Sew and finish those just like the seams.  Fold over to make the cuff, make sure the right side is facing out.

Baby Pants h

Place the cuff over the pants leg, lining the seam up with the seam on the inside of the leg.  All the cut edges should line up on the outside.  Pin in place and sew, I used just the overlocker/serger for this, but you can sew and zigzag if you don’t have one.

Baby Pants i

Nearly there!!!  Just the waistband left to do, I measured Emily’s waist (19” – 48cm).  Or you can measure the waistband of the pants you are using as a pattern.  You will need to cut another piece of ribbing.  Again I used a 4” (10cm) width, which allowed plenty of room for the 1” (25mm) elastic.  My piece was 19” (48cm) x 4” (10cm).  Sew and fold the piece into a tube just like with the ankle cuffs, and sew the ends of your elastic together.  I sew my elastic by overlapping it by about and inch and zigzagging the overlapping edges.  I will add a photo of this soon (here it is!).  Place the elastic band inside the folded waistband and pin it in place.  Taking care to spread the gather, I like to gather the back slightly more than the front. Sew/overlock in the same way as the ankle cuffs.
Baby Pants 038
And there you have it!  All finished, a gorgeous pair of contrast baby pants.  Very comfortable and cute. 

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