Handmade Owl Cards Tutorial and Free PDF Template

Handmade Owl Cards Tutorial Template Pattern Pdf

Updated: 25/10/2016

Check out these gorgeous Handmade Owl Cards. Nice and easy to make and so darn cute!  I have used them for all sorts of occasions from birthdays to thank you cards and people just love them.


Materials needed to make your own Handmade Owl Cards

Handmade Owl Cards Tutorial Template Pattern Pdf

  • Two different colour/patterned paper or light card of your choice
  • Two 1 1/2” (3.81cm) white circles.  I used a punch but you can just draw a circle and cut them out – I have added them to the template
  • Two 1” (2.54cm) coloured circles
  • An A5 piece of card
  • Small piece of black card 2cm x 2.5cm
  • Two small black circle stickers, or black card cut into smaller circle.  Or even a black marker to draw on the eyes
  • Glue roller, double sided tape or glue stick.  I wouldn’t recommend a liquid glue if using paper as it tends to go bubbly, would be ok with card.
  • Pencil
  • Scissors/paper cutting blade
  • Eraser
  • My Handmade Owl Card Template which you can download for free.  Feel free to use this template to make cards for personal use.  If you are intending on selling cards made from this template or sharing it online please acknowledge Nina Makes as the source and include a link back to this Handmade Owl Cards Page.

Instructions for making your Handmade Owl Cards

1.Print and Cut the Template

Handmade Owl Cards Tutorial - Cut Out Template

Cut out your downloaded template taking care to keep the pieces the same way up so that they will match when you make the smaller piece (they are not perfectly symmetrical – hand drawn!).  You can see how I have written ‘up’ on both my pieces.

2. Trace and Cut Your Owl Pieces

Handmade Owl Cards Tutorial Template Pattern Pdf

Draw around the in side of your template as shown in the photo.  Cut it out with scissors or blade.  I have used card for my template for extra durability and ease of use!

Handmade Owl Card Tutorial Template Pattern Pdf

Now use both template pieces together to make the second piece of the owl.  If you have patterned paper you can move your template around to get the design in the place you want it.  Same as before, draw around the edge and cut out the second piece.

3. Position Pieces

Handmade Owl Cards Tutorial Template Pattern Pdf

Use the larger eye circles as a guide to make sure the patterned body piece is in the correct position.  DO NOT stick the eyes to the owl just yet!  You can go ahead and stick on the smaller eye circles, both the coloured and black.  I like to move their eyes into different positions but make sure to center the black dots, or they end up with a crazy expression!  Unless that’s the look you’re going for…  I use a glue roller for this but glue stick or double sided tape would work just as well.

4. Making the Beak and Ears

Handmade Owl Cards Tutorial Template Pattern Pdf

Now it’s time for the beak and ears, that is where the little black square comes in!  I like to make these with double sided tape on the back to make it easier to attach the parts after cutting.  I make a whole strip to make it easier for making more cards later!

Handmade Owl Cards Tutorial Template Pattern Pdf

5. Stick on all the Pieces

First of all we need to stick on the ears and beak.  I like the top of the beak to go under the larger white eye circles, which is why you couldn’t stick the eyes on earlier!  So go ahead and stick the eyes on after the beak is in place.  Then all that is left to do is stick your completed owl to the A5 card folded in half, and DECORATE!

Handmade Owl Cards Tutorial Template Pattern Pdf

I’ve added a few little sparkly diamantes and gorgeous little bow.  You can add whatever you like, a great way to personalize these is to add an initial of the recipient!

I have made these cards many many many times!  They are great to make with kids too.  For the younger ones I pre-cut all the pieces for them and let them assemble them as they like.  Great for a rainy day!

I hope you liked my first ever blog tutorial!


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Handmade Owl Cards Tutorial + PDF Template


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