Quick & Easy – Simple Head Bands


Head Bands 030

I hate wasting those little off cuts of cute fabric that aren’t big enough for anything…or are they?


Beach Walk 010

After a morning walk at the beach checking out the new boardwalk, I wanted to get a decent photo of the two mischief monkeys.  A little hefty breeze and Hannah has a face full of hair in all of them…grrr!  I thought to myself she needs a headband.  Then the light bulb moment, use up some of those off cuts and make head bands!  My daughter Hannah (6) loves them!


Head band banner


What you will need

  • Off cut Fabric – I used printed cotton – (If you used stretch you could leave out the elastic all together.  I will add an update with a tutorial for that later)
  • 25mm (1”) Elastic – I used black to match the fabric

I decided on a 2.5cm (1”) width, I doubled this for both sides and added half an inch for a very small seam allowance. I measured around Hannah’s head where the headband would go, I left 8cm (3”) gap at the back for the elastic.  So my fabric piece was 44cm (17 1/4”).

Head band b


Once you have cut out you fabric you need to fold it in half length wise and iron (right sides facing).  Ironing really is the key here, it will ensure nice straight edges and no twisting or gathers.

head bands cNow sew along the open edge, quite close to the edge.  I just sewed with a straight stitch and did not zigzag or overlock the edge.  Here come the hardest part of the whole headband, turning it right way around!  I used a safety pin and slowly worked it through, if you struggle with that I have used a knitting needle to help push it through in the past (not the pointy end ☺).  Once you have managed that it’s back to the old trusty iron to make it nice and flat.

Head band c

Turn in the ends as shown above and…iron again!  Then cut your piece of elastic.  I like to zigzag the ends of the elastic to prevent them fraying and pulling out of the head band.

Head Band d

After zigzagging the elastic, I zigzag the edge forwards and reverse a few times to be sure I’ve caught it all.  Now tuck the elastic in to the end.

Head band e

Sew along the edge to secure the elastic.  Sew one way then leaving the needle in the fabric, lift the presser foot and spin you head band around and sew back again. Do a little reverse/forward to secure the end.

head band f

You can leave it as is or sew around the outside edge if you like.  Sewing round the outside edge will stop it twisting in the wash, and I like the look too.  Can always use a contrasting colour for added detail.

All the best with your head band making!