Teddy Card Design – Step by step

Lately I have been coming up with ideas for another card to go with my Hand Made Owl Card that is a little more unisex and suitable for boys too!  Meet Ted!

You can download the free template here!
Teddy Card 024My first go to when designing a card is an image search to gain ideas and work out what basic design I would like to go for.  I do not copy from the images I use them as inspiration and for problem solving for the drawing process.  I like to use simple bold shapes when making a card template, too much detail can be difficult to cut out.
Teddy 1Second up is my favourite drawing programme, Paint!  I know there are much more advanced options available but I like the simplicity of paint for a project like this.  Here is my Teddy Bear drawing I created in paint.
Looking at the whole shapes, in this case circles makes it much easier to draw the design than work freehand in paint.  It doesn’t have to match up evenly on both sides.  If it is a symmetrical design, near the end I use the select function to copy just half of the drawing.  Then pressTeddy3 paste and move the first piece to a new position where there is a enough room to add the other half.  Then paste again for the second half, you will need to use the ‘rotate’ option next to the select button and choose flip horizontal/vertical depending on which way up your design is, then move the second piece into place.  Now it will have perfect symmetry!
The next step is to print out your design and stick it to a piece of card.  Any card you like, a left over off cut piece of cardstock is ideal, but not too thick or the next step is much harder!  Cut it out!  I use paper scissors for the larger pieces and a blade for the fiddly bits.
Teddy Card 002As you might have noticed I have given Ted a black eye!  I wasn’t sure whether I liked his eyes with the surrounding white or plain black…definitely plain black!  I think it adds a little of the puppy dog eyes effect, more cute less serious.
TEddy aAbove I have used a blade to cut out all the pieces I wanted to make a different colour/pattern.
Teddy bChoose your paper/card for the main body of the teddy, and carefully trace around you template then cut out.  Repeat this process for the contrast pieces in this case I have chosen to use white.
Teddy Card 015Lay out your pieces and remove any visible pencil lines using a good quality eraser.  You might need to do a test on a off cut of your paper as some coloured/patterned paper smudges.  Glue your pieces on using glue stick, glue roller or double sided tape.
Teddy Card 018Now for that gorgeous little snout!  As you can see I have cut out the template piece, (a blade is probably the only way to do this successfully) and traced inside the template.  I’m going to use a fine tip permanent marker (vivid/sharpie) to colour in the snout.  You could freehand this one, but I would recommend doing that in pencil before you take to the markers!
Teddy Card 019I like keeping it simple, but I do think he need a little bit of colour to brighten him up!  So I decided to change just his paws to green, what do think?
Teddy Card 024I will stop here with this one but you don’t have to!  Add bow tie, some sparkly diamantes, a background scene, pads on his paws…the options are endless!  I’m sure I’ll be making more variations of this little Ted soon!