Upcycling Footed Baby Pants

Footed Pants a
I don’t know about your kids but mine seemed to grow taller rather than wider and my niece Emily is following suit.  The feet on the footed pants were nearly always too small and if it wasn’t the feet it was the leg length.  So this is a great little trick to get much more wear out of your footed baby pants or onesies for that matter.  You remove the feet so the foot size is no longer an issue and you add a cuff so there goes the length, problems solved!  And to top it off it is really quick and easy!
Footed Pants b
First up you need to cut off the feet, making sure you cut as close to the seams as you can to save the length.  This pair had a piece of elastic sewn in to create a heel, so that needed to be unpicked as well.  Once the elastic is out you can lay the pants flat and trim the leg pieces to straighten them up.
Footed Pants c
Now you need to decide how long you would like the cuff.  You can make it as long as you need and remember the ribbing will be folded in half so you will need to double it.  I used another pair of Emily’s pants to work out how wide to make it.  It worked out about 2/3 of the pants width.  You then  fold the cut piece in half right sides facing and sew/overlock the cuff into a tube.  Then fold in half so that the right side is facing out.  You can see more instructions for this in my post Contrast Baby Pants.
Footed Pants d
Place over the leg (both right side facing out) and pin in place.  You will need to stretch the cuff to reach and make sure it is even.  You can see above in the right hand photo that I have placed the seams together on the inside of the leg to make them less visible.  I have staggered them slightly so they are not all stacked on top of one another, which can be too thick for the machine.
Footed Pants e
I used the overlocker to do the cuffs but you can sew them on your sewing machine.  It doesn’t need to be a stretch stitch as the track pants aren’t stretch anyway.  As you can see in the above photos you need to stretch the ribbing cuff to match the pants as you sew.  Watch out for you pins with the overlocker!
Footed Pants f
And there you have it a very cute pair of baby pants that are now footless and longer!  So much more use out of the one pair, great for the budget and the planet!