All About Skirts 2

Contrast Hem Skirt

Contrast Hem Skirt a

Here is the contrast Hem Skirt!  It is a lovely little take on the Beginners Skirt, but still nice and easy to sew.  A great step up!

The skirt is sewn the same way as the Beginners Skirt, with a few extra steps at the start.  I will show you the additional steps here and you can follow the Beginners Skirt Tutorial for the rest of the skirt.

Find out how long you want the skirt to be (see tutorial), then add 7.5cm (3”) for Waistband, Hem and Joining Fabric.  As long as your two pieces add up to this measurement it will work fine, so you can make the contrast hem any size you like.

For the Size 7 I used,

Waist 57cm (22.5”) x 2 by 28cm (11”).  Waist x 2 by 13cm (5”) for the Contrast Hem.  See the chart below!

Contrast Hem Skirt c

Step 1

Cut your fabric pieces, iron the fabric first it will be much easier to cut straight.

Contrast Hem Skirt (3)

Step 2

Pin the two pieces together with the right sides facing each other.  If you are using a pattern make sure that you are pinning it on at the bottom!

Contrast Hem Skirt (4)

Step 3

Sew the two pieces together with a 1cm (3/8”) seam allowance.  Then overlock/zigzag the edge to prevent fraying.

Contrast Hem Skirt d

Step 4

Iron the seam flat, folding it down onto the contrast hem fabric.  Iron the wrong side first, then flip it over and iron the right side.

Contrast Hem Skirt e

Step 5

Topstitch the folded seam (sew close to the edge on the right side of the fabric).  This ensures that it will stay flat while wearing, and adds a nice little detail too!

Contrast Hem Skirt f

Step 6

Follow the Beginners Skirt Tutorial from this point.  The only thing you need to watch out for, is that the contrast hem lines up when you sew the side together.

Contrast Hem Skirt (14)

Happy skirt sewing!  Skirt Three on its way soon!