Baby Doll Nappy (Diaper)

After much nagging from my 6 year old I finally got around to making a nappy for her baby doll.

Baby Doll Nappy 045

The main motivating factor was…I got to use domes!  I love using domes!  So bright, colourful and easy!

Let’s get started!

You can download the pattern I used, right here.  It is for a fairly smallish baby doll, so cut out the pattern and try it on to be sure.

What you will need,

  • Scrap fabric, I used some left over fleece from my superhero cape tutorial & an off cut from a skirt from long ago.
  • Domes, 2 sets or Velcro would work great too.  Or even buttons and button holes.

And that’s it!  Nice and simple.

Baby Doll Nappy a

Print and cut out the pattern, or draw your own.  Place the straight edge on the fold, draw/cut around your pattern.  Repeat this step for both types of fabric.

Baby Doll Nappy 018

They should look like this.  Don’t panic if they are not perfect, you won’t see it once they are sewn together!

Baby Doll Nappy 020

Pin your two pieces together with the right sides facing each other.  I like to pin in the middle so I can sew around the outside without having to stop for pins.  Note the two pins at the top (back of nappy), leave the gap between them to be able to turn the nappy the right way around.

Baby Doll Nappy b

Sew around the edge making sure you catch both layers, do a little reverse at the beginning and end to prevent it coming apart when turning it around.

Baby Doll Nappy c

That is how it should look now (top left).  Now cut little nicks out of the curves so that they will sit flat when turned the right way.  Making sure you don’t cut the stitch line!  Also cut the top and bottom right angle corners off, again so it will sit flat.  Now you can turn it the right way around!

Baby Doll Nappy 029

Sew close to the edge right around the outside of the nappy.  Do this with the right side facing up so you can see how it will look when finished!

Baby Doll Nappy 031

Try the nappy on your darling little doll and decide where you want the domes (or Velcro/buttons) to go.

  You can mark the positions with a marker or pin.  With a patterned fabric I just remember roughly where it needed to be and eyeball it!

It is more important to get the two lined up so that it will close nicely.

And here comes my favourite bit, the domes!  I have decided to go with nice bright red domes to match the inside fabric of the nappy.

Baby Doll Nappy 032

This is my dome set, I bought this direct from aliExpress.  They have loads of different options and come from china, freight free.  The prices are way better than any I have found in New Zealand, but you do have to wait a while for it to arrive.

Baby Doll Nappy dI think the photos pretty much say all, but just in case…

Use the pointed tool to make the hole in the fabric, and place dome in said hole.  Place the other half over the pin and use the tool to set dome in place.

Baby Doll Nappy e

The same thing again for the other side (remember to use the right dome pieces!).  I lined it up to be sure the top would sit level when done up.  Then repeat the last two steps again on the other side.

Baby Doll Nappy f

Hey presto! You are done!

Baby Doll Nappy 044

Enjoy your baby doll nappy making!