T-Shirt Too Short?

T-shirt too short Header
I couldn’t resist the clearance rack at the warehouse last week.  They had T-Shirts for just under NZ$5.00!  I bought four thinking they were the same style as the ones I usually buy from there.  But no these are quite a bit shorter.  I was a little disappointed after all that rummaging to find ones that didn’t have some ridiculous slogan printed on them!
I had also recently got new singlets with the same problem, again the same brand I always buy (I pretty much live in singlets year round, just add layers when it’s cold!).  This was just a slightly different style which was shorter than my T-Shirts.
20150712_114437Here is the before photo, I didn’t take one with it on…it does fit and looks ok but just rides up every time I move.  I can’t bend over, crouch down or reach up without having to rearrange it!  I am quite tall 176cm (5 foot 9”) so you may not like to make yours quite as long as mine but the steps are still the same.
Now it’s sewing machine to the rescue!  I matched the T-Shirts and the singlets so that I liked the colours together.  Luckily I bought four of each!  You could use any other T-shirt you have or even a piece of knit fabric.  With the fabric you will have to sew it into a tube and hem the bottom as well.



What you will need

  • T-Shirt/top that is too short
  • Singlet or t-shirt or knit fabric
That is all!

Lets get started

First you need to work out how much longer you want the T-Shirt to be.  Once you have done that use this measurement to cut the bottom off you singlet allowing a little extra for the overlap.
T-Shirt a
I love that my ironing board has stripes on it!  It’s great to be able to line them up and use them as a guide.  Don’t get too fussy about the straightness, if you look at the bought T-Shirts/Singlets they are never perfect either.  You won’t notice it once they are on!
Overlock/zigzag the cut edge all the way round.
20150712_114324They will go together like above, no hems to sew!  As you can see there is quite a size difference but as as long as the smaller will stretch to the larger (and they both fit you!) it will work just fine.  It will look a little odd on a hanger but it will fit just fine.  The smaller (light blue) of the two here has much more stretch than the black T-shirt.
Now it is time to pin it in place.  Start at the seams and line them up on both pieces, if one doesn’t have seams then lay it flat and mark the two ends with pins, use those pins to line up with the seams on the other layer.
T-shirt too short 10T-shirt too short b
Then I work out the middles by holding the pins together and folding in half.  You can do this for all the different sides.  I mark the centre with a pin and match them up after that.
T-shirt too short 11
It will look like below at this stage.
T-shirt too short 13
Then pin evenly around the remaining edge.  Again I do this by finding the middles in between the pins and pinning them together each time.  I used 8 pins for mine and just made sure as I sewed that it still lined up.  But to be extra sure use as many pins as you like.  NOTE: The gather needs to be even or you may end up getting to the end and have fabric left over that the smaller piece can’t stretch to match.

Sewing Time!

T-shirt too short c
This is the easiest part!  It is all sewn using a basic zigzag stitch (to allow for the stretch).  Start with a lock stitch/sew and reverse at one of the seams, and sew all the way round, and lock stitch/reverse again.  DONE!!  The only thing you have to remember is to stretch the layers, at least to the point they match.  It pays to stretch a little more so that the longer piece is stretched a little too.  It will pull back once sewed but gives you more give in the seam for when you are putting it on or taking it off.
T-shirt too short 18
Here is a closer look at zigzag on the hem of the T-shirt.  This is one of the other T-shirts, the contrast shows the stitching much better.  You can use a contrast thread if you like the detail.
T-shirt too short d
These photos do make them look exceptionally long, and yes you could wear them with tights but for me I like them a little gathered at the hip.  I will add photos of me wearing them soon, just need to rope in someone to take the photos.  Tried to take some in the mirror for you…FAIL!!!