Adding a Yoga Band Waist

I was shopping a little while ago and saw some floral fabric on the clearance rack, turns out it was a skirt. But it was shorter than I would normally wear, maybe with tights I thought!  For a whole $2.49 I thought well just give it a try!

Yoga Band h

I got it home and tried it on and with the elastic waist, I had a stunner muffin top going on.  Do you call them ‘Muffin Tops’ too?  Just in case that’s a kiwi thing, its that skin/fat roll you get over the top of a tight waist band usually with low rise pants/skirts.  Ever since I had kids elastic waists have not been my friend!

Not wanting to waste the skirt and since I do like the fabric, I thought a yoga band waist should fix it!  Yoga band waists are much more forgiving and you can wear it folded or flat, allowing you to make the skirt longer too.  Yoga Band Waists are great for maternity clothes or altering your existing clothes to fit while you are pregnant too!

What you will need,

  • Fabric – It needs to be stretch (the original skirt/pants don’t but the band will).  Mine is Cotton/Lycra Blend.
  • Overlocker/Sewing machine
  • Matching thread
  • And That’s it!!

Step 1

Cut off the original waistband, you can unpick it if you like but with the overlocked edge that would have taken an eternity!

Yoga Band a

You should be left with the skirt minus waistband, the elastic and the fabric casing of the old waistband.  Sometimes these two will be sewn together, but that doesn’t matter.

Yoga Band (4)

Step 2

Try on the cut off waistband for size, mine fit perfectly and was 42cm (16.5”), double this number 84cm (33”) and decide how wide you want the band to be.  Remember it will be folded double to make it.  I decided on 44cm (17.25”).  So my pattern size for the band is 84cm (33”) x 44cm (17.25”).  I am quite tall (176cm – a little over 5’ 9”) so you can make it smaller if you like!  You can also measure your waist and go from there, you may want to make it a few cm/inches smaller than your waist measurement to allow for the stretch.

Yoga Band (5)

Step 3

Cut out your fabric (didn’t take a photo of that but I’m sure you can cut a rectangle out all on your own!), make sure the stretch is going across the waistband! Pin the two ends together with the right sides facing each other.  Overlock/sew them together, at this point a stretch stitch is not necessary as the stretch should be going the other way.

Yoga Band b

Step 4

Fold your waist band half over so the two long sides line up, much like when you are making cuffs.

Yoga Band (8)

Mark the middles and ends with pins, pinning the two layers together.  Make sure to unroll the fabric if like mine it has rolled up on the edges.  See photo below, it’s a little hard to see the pins I won’t use yellow ones next time!

Yoga Band (9)

Step 5

Place your skirt inside the new waistband, right side facing out, and line the edge up with the edge on the waistband.  All three cut edges should line up.

Yoga Band (10)

Yoga Band (11)

Step 6

Use the for pins you have already put in to pin the two together.  In my case I had four seams in the skirt (middle back and front, and both sides), if you only have two you will need to find the middle between each one to pin the other pins in.  Now work your way around putting pins in the middle of the gap each time, you may need to stretch either layer to make it line up that is fine!

Yoga Band d

Step 7

Overlock or sew with a stretch stitch (or zigzag) around your waist band, making sure you are catching all three layers!  I had to take it slow and unroll the edges as I went to be sure they all got caught in the seam.

Yoga Band e

And that’s all folks!!  It’s as simple as that!  Turn your skirt/pants around the right way and you are finished!


You can wear it with the band folded over, it feels nice and secure and still flattering on the waist.

Yoga Band g


You can also wear it unfolded or flat I suppose you’d call it!  It gives extra length, and I like the fitting around your bottom and flaring our after that look!

Yoga Band f

Either way I’m going to get plenty of wear out of a $2.49 skirt, when summer finally comes!!!