Bandana-ish Baby Bib

While I’m  on the ‘No Gaping Neckline’ theme, I thought the currently popular Bandana Bib would be a great idea!  I have made these out of a regular pattern and have found them too loose around the neck, and the gathered neck bunched up over their little chins.  So this is my take on a Bandana Bib!

Option A – A Flat Fitting Style

Bandana-ish Baby Bib Option A

Option B – A more traditional Bandana Bib Fit

Bandana-ish Baby Bib Option B

To make this bib you will need  to print out the Bandana-ish Baby Bib Pattern, which is the same as the Basic Baby Bib Pattern but I have added a red line for the Bandana-ish shape.

What you will need

  • Fabric – absorbent preferably since it is small I used off cuts from previous projects
  • Domes (or buttons, velcro, etc) You will need two sets if making Option B.  With Velrco One piece should still be fine.
  • Bias Binding (Optional – If you don’t want a bias edge use the Basic Baby Bib Tutorial and use the Bandana-ish shape pattern it will work just the same)
  • Iron

Step 1

Print, tape and cut out your pattern.  Cut out both layers of your fabric.  If you have a very thick layer you can do a single layer with this style if you wish!

Step 2

Lay your pattern pieces with right sides facing out (this one will not be turned around later). 

Bandana-ish Baby Bib (1)

Step 3

Pin your two layers together to prevent the fabric twisting and sew around the edge to sew the layers together.  Sew nice and close to the edge, it doesn’t really matter how close you are as long as you catch both layers and it will be covered by the Bias Binding.

Bandana-ish Baby Bib a1

Step 4

Pin your Bias Binding in place.  I found it helpful to iron it open lightly, do not iron out the folds!

Bandana-ish Baby Bib (4)

There is a great You Tube Video on how to sew binding,



Step 5

If you have watched the video you can probably skip the next few steps!  But just in case I will show you how I did it.  This is my first time sewing Bias Binding in this way, I have always used the topstitch method before.  Like on my Expandable Pockets Tutorial.  But I have to say, this is much better for getting around corners!

Sew down the fold in the bias binding, you will need to take it slowly and try your best to stay in the fold.

NOTE:  For the join, I fold over the underneath layer, and overlap the top one a little on top.  You can see that quite well in the Left Photo.  I don’t know if this is the ‘proper’ method but again it’s how I’ve always done it!

Bandana-ish Baby Bib a

Step 6

After you have finished it should look like the photo on the left.  Head over to the iron and gently iron out the seam, then it will resemble the photo on the right.

Bandana-ish Baby Bib b

Step 7

Fold the bias over and pin on the right side of the fabric just underneath the bias edge.  Making sure you catch it on the reverse side with by a couple of mm. 

Bandana-ish Baby Bib c

Do this the whole way around, and it will end up looking like this!

Bandana-ish Baby Bib d

Step 8

Sew around the entire edge right next the the edge of the bias binding.  For the corners it may pay to turn your hand wheel to give you more control.  You do not want to stitch onto the bias, or too far from the edge.

Bandana-ish Baby Bib e

Bandana-ish Baby Bib f

Step 9

Add your domes (or whatever else you planned to use).  The first dome position is marked on the pattern, if you want to make the more traditional Bandana Bib, then add the second dome as shown in the photo below.  Placement is really up to you, so put them where you thing they look best!

Bandana-ish Bib (8)

And you are finished!  Great new Bandana-ish Bib ♥

Struggling with catching both layers of the bias binding? Check out my new post here!