Basic Baby Bib – No Gaping Neck!

20150810_115011I have used many different bibs in my time and some were just plain horrible!  My main complaint was the gaping around the neck, when food spilled it went down the front and in between the bib and the clothing underneath.  Grrr more washing!

So now that my kids are way past bib age I thought I’d get round to making a decent pattern for one!  Although I have been reminded of the bib dilemma while looking after my niece five days a fortnight since my sister has gone back to work.  You can see it sits right under her chin so no chance of the gaping problem!


This one is a Basic Baby Bib in the standard time tested style.  But with a contoured neck that is quite fitting.  I will add some variations on this, in the next little while.

What you will need

  • Fabric – I used scrap fabric left over from other projects.  Something absorbent is ideal (mine is flannel & cotton) terry or towelling would be great too.
  • Domes, Buttons, Velcro etc
  • IRON!

Step 1

Click on the link to print out the PDF Pattern for the Basic Baby Bib.  Tape the pages together and cut out your pattern.

Step 2

Lay your pattern piece on your fabric lining up the fold with the straight edge.  Cut out your fabric, and repeat for the second layer.


Step 3

Lay your pieces right sides facing each other.


Step 4

Pin the two pieces together.  Mark the gap (for turning the right way around) using two pins close together.

Baby Bib a

Step 5

Sew around the edge using a small seam allowance, I use the edge of my presser foot for the guide.  Remember to lock stitch or reverse over a few stitches to lock the thread.


Step 6

We need to cut into the curves so that they will sit nicely when turned the right way around.  You will need to do this for all the corners.  Be careful not to cut into the stitching!!!

Baby Bib c

Step 7

Time to turn it around the right way!  Feed it through the gap you left in the seam and wriggle it between your fingers to bring the seams to the edge.

Baby Bib d

Step 8

IRON!  This is a very important step in getting a good finish on just about anything you sew!  I iron the whole bib making sure the edges are fully unfolded.  Then you will need to fold in and iron down the gap so that it matches the rest of the edge.

Baby Bib e

Step 9

Topstitch all the way around the edge of the bib.  I sew the gap piece first to ensure it stays nice and flat.  Do this on the right side of the fabric (although depending on your fabric choices this bib is reversible), sew nice and close to the edge.

Baby Bib f

Step 10

Add your domes (or buttons and button holes, velcro etc) and you are all done!!!  If you want a smaller neck for a small baby add another dome to one side to make it adjustable.  Full instructions on the domes are in my Baby Doll Nappy Tutorial, if you are wondering!



There will be other versions of the Basic Baby Bib coming soon!