Holes in the knees?

I don’t know about your kids but my Daughter in particular has a habit of going through the knees of EVERY single pair of tights and most pants too!


I have been turning them into shorts for summer, and short tights which are great for underneath dresses/skirts, especially since she loves hanging upside down on the monkey bars!

There are two great and EASY ways to do this.

But first up cut the pants/leggings into shorts.  I try to cut fairly close to the hole, as long as the surrounding fabric is good (not thin or worn).

Holes a

Now it’s time to hem them up!

Overlocker/Serger Method

Fold over the hem over onto the outside with the pants the right way around.


Then fold it back down so that the cut edge lines up with the folded bottom edge.  Pin in place.

Holes b

Run this through the overlocker, making sure to catch all the layers of fabric and take the pins out as you are going!☺  I have sewn on the outside, but you can sew it from the inside of the leg too, which ever is easier for you!

Holes c

There you have it a neat tidy hem!  So simple yet effective!  Great for yoga pants style waistbands too, more coming on that soon.


Now for round two with the sewing machine.

Sewing Machine Method

Fold the hem inside the leg, with the pants around the right way.


I prefer to sew on the outside of the fabric, you can see what you are doing!  I also like to use zigzag to prevent that puckered look and to retain as much stretch as possible.  You can use any stretch stitch you like!  Start at the inseam seam, that will be the least visible spot for the join.


If your leggings/pants are too small to fit around your machine, turn them inside out and sew on the inside of the leg.  One leg down and one to go!


Fold your pants in half so that the legs line up, pin and sew the second leg in the same way.


Just so you can see, this is what the inside will look like.  You can trim of any excess, to prevent it rolling down.


And there you have it!  Very simple but effective way to get a little more use out of those holey kneed pants!