Struggling with the Bias Binding?

There is nothing quite as frustrating as attaching your bias binding to turn it over and see it hasn’t been caught on both sides!  Out comes the quick unpick and after the joy of unpicking you get to try to sew it again.  This is a risk more on the corners and even though I pin them extra it still happens sometimes.  I have a cute solution!


Here are the different methods I have used previously on the blog to attached bias binding!

First Method

Place the binding on and sew both layers at once.  This is OK for small straight pieces of bias binding, like on my Expandable Pockets.  If you are putting bias around corners I’d recommend using the second or third method, or a combo of the first and second!

20150725_130646 Second Method

Unfold the bias and pin open onto the right side of the fabric, sew down the first fold.  Then fold over the edge and pin.  Sew right next to the bias to catch the back layer.  Get more details on my Bandana-ish Bib Tutorial there is also a great video link there!

Bandana-ish Baby Bib (16)

Third Method

Here is another cute way to attach it without the risk of missing it on one side!  Above you can see the two ways I already attached bias binding, and for this method you start off the same way as the second method.  See the instructions in Bandana-ish Bib Tutorial.

Instead of stitching right next to the binding zigzag over it!  I chose a fluoro green (which I bought to make a ‘Fluoro Dance Party themed costume, here are the supplies on Instagram!) as a nice contrast and to make a feature of it.  The photos are not doing the colour justice it is very Flouro!  I love it!

Bandana-ish Bib Zigzag

I think it gives a great effect on this Bandana-ish Baby Bib, a nice feature and way to add a bit colour.  Of course you can always use a matching colour if you don’t want it to stand out, but why???

Let me know if you have any other ingenious methods of attaching bias binding!