Baby Bib Squared!

Time for one more baby bib!  A simple change to the Basic Baby Bib – No Gaping Neck pattern and you can square off the bottom of the bib.  For a fun twist on a standard bib.  I like the square look and it also gives great coverage to keep those messy eaters clean underneath!  The No-Gaping neck is the same as the Basic Bib so no food should be able to sneak in underneath!  Lucky this little cutie turned up just as I had it finished!  Always nice to have a visitor turn up in perfect time for a coincidental photo shoot ♥


I sewed this one in a layer of stretch terry towelling and a stretch knit floral.  If you are new to sewing I would suggest non- stretch (woven) fabric.  It’s a little easier to work with.

What you will need,

  • Fabric – I mainly use off cuts for bibs, choose a soft absorbent fabric for at least the underneath layer.
  • Domes (or a button, velcro etc)

Print out the pattern making sure to print in ‘actual size’ or that ‘shrink to fit’ in unchecked.  Cut out the first page and stick it onto the second page so that the pattern lines up.  With a ruler and pencil to make the adjustments to square of the bottom corner.  See the photo steps below!!

Baby Bib Squared aBaby Bib Squared bBaby Bib Squared c

You make the bib in the exact same way as the Basic Bib Bib – No Gaping Neck if you want the full tutorial check it out there!  I will just show you the small change you need to make for the square corners.

Baby Bib Squared (8)

Once the pieces are cut pinned, sewn you need to trim the square corners so that it will sit nicely when turned right side around.

Baby Bib Squared d

It should sit nicely like this!

Baby Bib Squared e

If using stretch I recommend that you thoroughly pin before topstitching.  I always put in a few extra pins in the opening area to keep it from rolling in.  If using woven press (iron) it well then your won’t really need to pin it, but knock yourself out if you want the security!

Baby Bib Squared (15)

You can finish it off just like the Basic Baby Bib – No Gaping Neck.

This time I decided to use metal domes, but go for whatever you have or like!  I have used plastic domes, buttons (watch out for buttons they can be a chocking hazard) and velcro.  All work well, but I prefer the look and ease of use of the domes.

Baby Bib Squared f

Let me know how you get on in the comments!

Baby Bib Squared g