My First Knit Pencil Skirt For Me!

I found this lovely ruffled knit fabric at…you guessed it my local charity shop for $2.  I knew straight away I wanted it to be a pencil skirt for me!


It’s a very stretchy knit with layers of ruffles all the way down the fabric.  I just the loved the movement it gave and the flattering look I hoped it would create.


Not to mention I have a bit of a thing for grey!  Last winter just about everything in my wardrobe was grey, so I have been trying to mix things up a little more since!

What you will need

  • Fabric – 1m (roughly 1 yard) depending on the width of your fabric and your size.
  • 25mm (1”) wide elastic – Length of your waist measurement
  • Yep that is all!

Note: I sewed the whole project in zigzag!

Step 1 – Cut fabric

I roughly followed Dana from Made Everyday’s video tutorial for pencil skirts.  I didn’t follow it exactly (never have been one for instructions!) but I really like her method for measuring the pattern pieces.  Super simple and works great!


The only change I made to the cutting was to only slope in the waistband and leave the bottom square.  I think this gives my body shape a more flattering fit but do what you think will suit you best!

Step 2 – Sew the sides


As simple as it sounds just sew straight down the sides using zigzag or a stretch stitch of your choice.  With the ruffles on mine I had to pin it very carefully to ensure they stayed in place.  I would do this for matching patterns or stripes too, otherwise with a plain fabric just go for it!  I also overlocked the raw edge, as the edge of the ruffled fabric was quite untidy and I’m fussy like that!

Step 3 – Waistband

I sewed the waistband slightly differently than Dana.  I wanted to be able to determine the finished size before sewing.  I did not want it to be at all snug, as the elastic digging in is not my favourite look and something I’ve had to work round since the kids err shall we say ‘softened’ my mid section!  So I measured where I wanted the skirt to sit, mid rise I suppose you’d call it.  And made the elastic the same length.


The point of the elastic isn’t really to hold the skirt up as the fitted stretch style stays up pretty well on its own, it’s more to stabilize the waistband and stop it rolling over.


As you can see I had to trim the top ruffle off, so that it didn’t roll up on the outside.  I joined the elastic ends together and pinned in place before sewing.  In the same way as I did for the Merino Baby Pants Tutorial.  Except I used the overlocker for  attaching the elastic the first time round.  I love it!  Very neat and tidy and super stretchy!  Then I folded over and zigzagged around again, just as Dana did in the video.

Step 4 – Hem

Well to be honest I didn’t hem mine at all!  With the ruffles it seemed better just to leave it be, being knit it won’t fray anyway.

Pencil Skirt For Me a

Now I just can’t wait for the weather to warm up so I can wear it!  It’s super comfortable and I just love that I actually made something for myself (not the kids) that I will actually wear ♥

What is your favourite self made piece of clothing?