Pump Bands – Diabetic Pump Holder

Pump Band (57)

I have been making these Pump Bands for a young girl with Type 1 Diabetes for quite a while now.  Although there are probably not many of you that will need this tutorial, even if just one of you does it will be worthwhile!

Before I got back into to sewing she was using all kids of bands, none of which really worked well.  There were always problems with the tubing getting tangled, bands being sweaty, fiddly domes or noisy velcro for night time checks.  There are a few available online but some of the prices are horrendous considering how little time and material is involved.  After many different prototypes this is the one she has been using for the last few years!

Pump Band (56)

The more than willing model is my Son Harry, who does not have diabetes but in the interests of privacy I though he was a great choice.  I had to pin the front but you get the idea of how they would work!  These are worn around the waist, with the pouch at the back.  You can turn them round to the front when you need to access the pump.  There is also a little space at the bottom for the tubing to enter underneath, so no tubing going through the zip.  They are double layered with the inner layer being thick soft cotton jersey (non stretch) to protect the pump from over heating from body warmth and from knocks.  And yes I realise the print is upside down, it happens but it’s the right way up on the backside LOL!

These really are very simple to make, a little fiddly but not too bad.  There are only three pieces, all being simple rectangles.  The Outer Layer is made from any cotton print you like, plain is ok too if you are trying to camouflage/match it.  I have added the imperial conversions for the non metric readers on the waistband diagram, in bright yellow ♥

Pump Band Layer Chart

The next piece is the waistband, it is made from cotton lycra.  The problem with nylon lycra is that it was sweaty which isn’t great for the pump or the wearer for that matter.  I’m sure there are many other options, but a natural fibre combined with stretch would be you best bet.  You don’t use a lot.  I can usually get 10 waistbands out of 1m of fabric, more depending on fabric width.

Pump Band Waist 2

What you’ll need

  • Outer Fabric – Cute cotton print etc.
  • Inner Fabric – Thicker fabric for padding
  • Waistband Fabric – Cotton Lycra etc.
  • Zip – 16cm (6.3”)

Step 1 – Cut Fabric

Pretty self explanatory this one, it is all rectangles!

Pump Band (7)

And the waistband, which in my case was 20cm x (Waist 64cm – 14cm) = 50cm.

Pump Band (36)

Step 2 – Overlock the Edge of the Outer Layer

Leave the tails from the overlocking on, follow the pictures below.  If you don’t have an overlocker you can use an overlocking/zigzag stitch on your sewing machine.

Pump Band (9)Pump Band (10)Pump Band (11)

Step 3 – Sew Layers Together

Place your inner layer on top of your outer layer with the wrong sides facing each other.

Pump Band (13)

Pin together starting with the centres.

Pump Band (15)

Now to fold in the corners and make a neat mitre fold.

Pump Band (16)

Pump Band (17)

Pump Band (18)

Pump Band (19)

I sew this piece on the wrong side, this doesn’t give a perfect finish but is much easier.  I follow the overlocking stitches to stay on a fairly straight line and ensure it is caught evenly.  You can pin this the other way up if you prefer.  Just be careful at the corners.

Pump Band (20)

Here is the finished step.

Pump Band a

Step 4 – Insert Zip

The zip goes on the shorter side of your rectangle.  Decide which way you want the zip to go (e.g. left to right), keeping an eye on any patterns Winking smile Pin in place, and change to your machines zipper foot.  I like to sew with the zip open first.

Pump Band (23)

Pump Band (24)

Pump Band (25)

Once you get close to the zipper head, stop with the needle in the fabric and raise the presser foot.  Push the zipper past it, lower the foot and carry on.

Pump Band (26)

That is the first side of the zip done.  The second is a little bit more fiddly but don’t worry it’s not too bad!

Pump Band (28)

Again pin it in place and sew the first part with the zip open.

Pump Band (29)

Pump Band b

Move past the zipper head in the same way as before!

Pump Band (32)

There is your pocket all finished!

Pump Band (33)

Pump Band (34)

Step 5 – Waistband

Fold the band in half with the right sides facing to make a long narrow band.

Pump Band (37)

Overlock to make a tube (or zigzag).

Pump Band (38)

Pump Band (39)

Overlock the open ends, making sure the seam is at the top and fed through the overlocker (sewing machine) first.  Otherwise the thickness of it at the end can cause the fabric to stretch as you sew the last bit, distorting it.

Pump Band (42)

Step 6 – Attach Waistband to Pump Pocket

Zip up the pocket and turn it inside out.  Pin one side of the band to the zip side of the pump pocket.  I find it easier to do the side without the zipper head first.

Pump Band (44)

I sew this in two pieces (on either side of the zip).  I don’t cut the thread in between I just move the fabric along and cut afterwards.  Just remember to lockstitch (forward and reverse a few stitches).  Sew with a straight stitch, following the stitch line already there.

Pump Band (45)

Here is the thread I was describing, I hope it makes sense!

Pump Band (46)

Turn the Pump Pocket the right way around.

Pump Band (47)

Pin the other side in place.

Pump Band (48)Pump Band (49)

This side is sewn both layers at once.  Still in two parts before and after the zip.  Remember to move the zipper head along so it’s out of the way!

Pump Band (50)

Now the last part is to sew the back of the first side leaving a gap for the tubing to come through.  The tubing is attached to a clip so this is size I am using, this may vary for different pumps so check yours!

Pump Band c

Pump Band (53)

Mark with a pin so that it is visible from the front side, as you will be sewing on the front side.  Just as you did for the other side, in two parts on either side of the zip.

And there you have it!

Pump Band (57)

I hope this finds it’s way to frustrated diabetics or their parents, unhappy with what they are now using!  Feel free to leave a comment or email me any questions.  My arm could even be twisted to whip up a few of these for anyone desperate who doesn’t sew!

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