Upcycled Girls Print T-Shirt

I was given ‘hand-me-downs’ for my daughter a while ago which are all hanging in the wardrobe.  Last weekend we got them all out to see which will fit for this summer, and had a big try on in which every skirt had to be given the twirl test!  I think it might be high time I made that girl a circle skirt!  But back on topic, there were a few tops she loved but that were still too big for her.

Upcycled Print Tee (1)

She loved this one in particular.  I thought it was a bit of a waste to cut up a perfectly good long sleeve tee!  But looking at the print I decided she probably wasn’t going to want to wear this when she was 12 years old!  A sequin butterfly print is pretty cool at nearly 7 but at 12 I doubt it!  So out came the scissors!

Upcycled Print Tee (2)

I carefully cut off the sleeves as I wanted to re-use those, I did however cut off the white long sleeves.  They weren’t so white anymore, and going into summer short sleeves were probably better anyway!  I also cut up the side seams, but left the top of the shoulders attached.  The neckline wasn’t huge so I will re-use that too.  If you need to put in a neck band check out the Upcycled Singlet into Girls’ Tank Top Tutorial.

That is when I noticed it…

Upcycled Print Tee (3)

It had a little hole Grrrr,  AND since I had already promised I would fix this top for her there was not backing out now!  Not to mention it’s cut into pieces!

I could have just hand stitched it closed but since there was a bit of extra length in this top I decided to remove a stripe.

Upcycled Print Tee (4)

I folded it over so the hole was close to the fold (on it is great but for my stripes is had to be slightly over), and pin in place.  Overlock cutting of the fold with the overlocker.   If you are using a sewing machine you can just trim it afterwards!

Upcycled Print Tee (5)Once it is flattened out the stripes match up fairly well, and I’m sure that as long as the butterfly is in one piece she is not going worry about that!

Time to trim up the sides, I used a T-shirt of Hannah’s I knew fitted well but a little big so she will get plenty of wear out of it.  Place it on top and use it as a guide to cut around.

Upcycled Print Tee a

Pin up the sides and overlock together, remember to have the top inside out (right sides facing).

Upcycled Print Tee (9)

Trim up the arm holes, I don’t want to change the size too much as I am re-using the arm holes.  I just wanted to narrow the shoulders for a better fit.

Upcycled Print Tee (10)

Pin the sleeves back onto the holes, with the top right side out and the sleeve inside out over the top. 

Note: I have left the overlocked edge on and will cut that off with the overlocker, you can cut it off if you like!  Mine is slightly gathered at the top of the sleeve most of this will come out while overlocking which I’m not worried about.  If you want to keep all of the gather stitch it in place on your sewing machine first.

Upcycled Print Tee b

Upcycled Print Tee (13)

Overlock the sleeves in place, making sure you catch both layers and that any seams are cut off.  Also if your hole and sleeve are different sizes to stretch the fabric as you go so it matches up.

Upcycled Print Tee c

Just the hem left to go!  If you have left your original hem on then you are finished!  If you need to hem it overlock the bottom edge and pin it over.  You can just leave the overlocked edge and not hem it, if you like the look!

Upcycled Print Tee d

Use a matching thread and zigzag the hem starting at one of the side seems.  If like me you have two colours I went with the colour the bulk of the hem was going to be sewn on, which was pink.


Upcycled Print Tee e

This is what it should look like!

Upcycled Print Tee f

All finished!!!  Now I’ll have to wait for school to finish to see what she thinks of it!

Upcycled Print Tee g