Cute Cat Print + Template

I’ve been into the fabric paint again!  This time I have come up with a cat silhouette design using my Ellie Silhouette from my Cat Silhouette Card Post.


I have made a pdf Template for you to print and cut out, all for free!  I have also been lucky enough to get access to a Brother Scan N Cut (Thanks MIL!) and have also saved the template file.  You can download this to a usb drive and cut it on your own Brother Scan N CutDisclosure: This post contains affiliate links, for more info click this link

What You’ll Need,

Now you just need to head over to my Stencilled Bodysuits Tutorial for the full instructions.  The cats are stencilled in exactly the same way as the stags.

Stencilled Baby Bodysuit (24)

This little cat suit is of to my little 1 year old Niece.  I really ought to start doing a few stencils for my kids too…they might start thinking I like their cousins more!


I still have an owl design underway.  It is based on my Handmade Owl Cards, but is a little more difficult as I want to retain the features rather than just a silhouette.  I will share away when it is ready!

Cute Cat Stencil   Template a

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