Simple Raglan Sleeve Tee

This pattern is unisex but with a more relaxed boy’s style fit.  If you were wanting to make it more fitting you can always take the sides in a little.  I love the raglan sleeve style!  It’s such a great easy way to add a bit of colour/pattern in the sleeves or body pieces.

Simple Raglan Tee a

The two fabrics I have used are a charity shop find and a donation from my MIL’s stash.  Both are knit fabrics and have a small amount of stretch.  The red is slightly thicker but that doesn’t matter.  Also I made the Tee a size larger than Harry so he could grow into it!

Job Beach Pencil Skirt (31)

With summer coming an extra T-Shirt is always going to be handy, and it is a great staple to have in your sewing repertoire.

What you will need,

  • Fabric – A meter will be plenty, depending on the width of your fabric you may even get away with 3/4 or a meter (1m = 1.09 yards).  You can use all one fabric or mix it up with different colour body and sleeves.
  • Thread
  • Pattern – Download Free PDF Simple Raglan Sleeve Tee Pattern in a size 7/8.  Or draw your own from an existing T-Shirt.
    • The pattern has two different necklines.  The red and striped Simple Raglan Tee has a little larger neck than I would like so I edited the pattern to make it a little smaller.


Step 1 – Print, tape and cut your Pattern

Print your pattern in actual size (or make sure the ‘scaled to fit’ box is unchecked), measure the 2.54cm 1” square to be sure it printed right.


Trim off the margin on one side (red striped line) and tape onto the adjoining piece.  There are 9 pages to print.  These are hand drawn by me and are not perfect (Pretty close though! ☺).  But the best I can do with the tools I have!   One day…not too far away I hope…I will be able to justify a CAD system, but right now this is it!  But on the upside it’s FREE!


Step 2 – Cut Fabric Pieces

Simple Raglan Tee (1)

Make sure to cut the two sleeve pieces in mirror image, and the front and back pieces on the fold.


Step 3 – Join Sleeves to Body

Simple Raglan Tee (3)Simple Raglan Tee (4)

Pin the sleeves onto the front piece, with right sides facing each other.  Check your pattern if you are unsure which side of the sleeve is the front!  Overlock in place, or sew using a stretch stich of your choice (zigzag etc).

Simple Raglan Tee (9)

Pin the other side of the sleeves to the back piece, and attach in the same way.

Simple Raglan Tee (10)

Laid out flat it should now look like this!


Step 4 – Sew Side Seams

Simple Raglan Tee (12)

Lay your tee flat with the right sides facing each other.  Pin the sides starting at the armpit to line up the seam.  Then all the way along right from the bottom hem to the end of the sleeve.  You get to sew it all in one go!

Simple Raglan Tee (13)

That’s the sides and sleeves done!  Now turn you Tee right way around ready for the next step.


Step 5 – Sew Neckline

Simple Raglan Tee (16)

Overlock the neckline.  You can do a ribbing/cuff like neckline if you prefer check out the Upcycled Girls Tank Top Tutorial for instructions on that.

Simple Raglan Tee (18)

Now is the time to add a label if you want to!

Simple Raglan Tee (20)

Fold in the overlocked edge using the overlocking as a guide, pin in place.

Simple Raglan Tee (21)

Sew on the right side using a double needle or zigzag as I have done here.

Simple Raglan Tee (22)

That’s the neckline done!


Step 6 – Hem Body & Sleeves

There is a photo at the bottom with another hemming option!

Simple Raglan Tee (23)

Hem the sleeves and bottom hem by folding over by about 2.5cm (1”) and sewing in place.  This is where stripes are are really handy!

Simple Raglan Tee (25)

Again I used zigzag but if you have one a double needle would work well and give you a more professional looking finish.

Simple Raglan Tee (28)

The bottom hem is sewn in exactly the same way.


Step 7 – Congratulations!

You have finished a Simple Raglan Tee!  I will be adding a few extra options for this tee, I will link these here!

Simple Raglan Tee b

Never can get a ‘normal’ face photo!  Nutter butters!

Simple Raglan Tee b

Here is another version.  I used the sleeve fabric for the neckline and a cuff style hem for the above Simple Raglan Tee.  You can check out my Holes in the Knees Tutorial for the how to on that ☺