Fabric Spray Paint + Freezer Paper Stencils

Fabric Spray Paint (11)

Why yes I have been playing with fabric paint again!  I stumbled across some fabric paint in little pump spray bottles (not aerosol) and just had to try them out!

Fabric Spray Paint (14)

Again more Tulip paint, not due to sponsorship but due to the fact that it is the only kind I have found in town!

Fabric Spray Paint (15)

I might have also found some glitter ones too!!  If you are in New Zealand they are from The Warehouse and retail for $20.  I went in to get the neon…I know it’s turning into an obsession! But some of the bottles didn’t have as much in them as others so I was rummaging through looking for a good set and came across the glitter one…was trying to decide if I really needed both…thought I better price check them at the self scanner (man I love those things) and it was on clearance for $2.97!  Not the neon unfortunately but hey I was pretty happy because it was a great excuse to buy both!

Stencilled Baby Bodysuit (1)

You might recognise the stags head from the Stencilled Bodysuit Tutorial I did back in October.   This time I am using the leftover inside pieces, so that the paint goes all around the outside.

What you will need

  • Fabric Spray Paint
  • Freezer Paper Bought or Home made freezer paper tutorial
  • Craft Knife or Blade to cut out your design
  • Baking Paper
  • Iron
  • Hairdryer (Optional)


Step 1 – Make and Attach your Stencil

Stencilled Baby Bodysuit (2)

You can follow the full instructions on how to make your freezer paper and stencil in the Home Made Freezer Paper Tutorial!

Stencilled Baby Bodysuit (3)

Place your stencil in position and lay a piece of baking paper (non-stick baking paper/parchment paper) over the top to protect your iron.  Press firmly into place.


Step 2 – Paint!

Fabric Spray Paint (2)

You can a little or a lot it is totally up to you!  I went with a sweeping motion from left to right.  If you press the spray nozzle the hole way down in one go you get a mist, and if you press it halfway down you get a splatter effect.  Both are great!

Fabric Spray Paint (3)

I used three colours for my stags head.  With a combination of mist and splatter.   This is for a boy but for a girl I would probably have added a touch of glitter too!


Step 3 – Dry

There are a couple of ways to do this.  Number one follow the packet directions and wait patiently for it to air dry naturally, or for the impatient folk (like me!) go and find your hairdryer!

Fabric Spray Paint (6)

I used my hairdryer on the hottest setting but on a slow speed.  There was quite a bit of paint on the paper like a little puddle!  Too fast and you risk blowing it off the side of your stencil.  Mine never even looked like moving but it dried in just a few minutes.


Step 4 – Remove Stencil

Fabric Spray Paint (8)

This was very easy, even more so than with the painted on fabric paint.  Just start at a point or corner and lift it away from the fabric.  You will need to pull carefully so you don’t tear the stencil, although even if you do just start again from the other end.


Step 5 – Finished!

Fabric Spray Paint (10)

I love the spray effect and the reverse silhouette look.  I want to try using the paint on the inside of the stencil next time too!  I’m sure it won’t be long before you see some more fabric painting from me!


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