Holes in the knees 2 – Patches!

Holes in the knees patches
Hannah has been at it again!  Two pairs of leggings this time a black 7/8 length and a navy 3/4 length pair.  I would usually just cut and hem them to turn them into short leggings for under skirts/dresses.  I have a tutorial on that too if that’s what you’re looking for!
Holes in the knees 2 Patches
But then I saw a great post by Rachel from Stitched Together (link to post) in which she had made Mini Briar Tops and Mini Virginia Leggings for three of her daughters.  They are absolutely gorgeous and the leggings have very cute patches on the knees.  They each had a different shape, Oval, Hearts and Cats.  So instead of short leggings I was inspired to patch this pair!

What you’ll need

  • Fabric – Small amount of knit fabric – I wanted it to maintain it’s stretch to prevent further tearing!
  • Thread
  • Regular Sewing Machine (Overlocker Optional)
  • Unpicker (Seam Ripper) is the most important for this one!

Step 1 – Unpick!!!

Holes in the knees 2 (3)
That most loved and hated of tools…is going to get a bit of use here especially on the ovelocked pairs!  Depending on your leggings you can unpick either the side seam or the inseam.  My don’t have side seams so the inseam it is.
Holes in the knees 2 (4)
You don’t need to unpick the whole seam but you do need to go a fair way past the holes so that you can lay the area flat(ish).
Holes in the knees 2 (5)
Here you can see I’ve gone a good way passed the hole.

Step 2 – Patch Hole

Holes in the knees 2 (6)

It’s never a clean tear with kids so I like to tidy up the hole so that there are no lose pieces that can be pulled or tickly later on.
Holes in the knees 2 (7)
I just use small scissors to trim the hole so that all the rolled edges and torn pieces are removed.  Leaving a nice tidy hole.
Holes in the knees 2 (8)
Cut a piece of fabric quite a bit larger than your hole.
Holes in the knees 2 (9)
Place it on top of the hole, so that the hole is in the center.  On the inside of the leggings.
Holes in the knees 2 (10)
Turn over and pin on the right side of the fabric.
Holes in the knees 2 (11)
Sew on the edge of the legging fabric in zigzag stitch all the way around the edge.
Holes in the knees 2 (12)
This won’t be seen at the end but it just tidies it all up nicely and makes it more sturdy and hard wearing.  Also if you just patch straight over the top it creates a pocket on the inside…my kids love the sand pit…I find piles of sand in all sorts of random places!
Holes in the knees 2 (13)
This is how it looks form the inside.
Holes in the knees 2 (14)
The last part of this step is to just trim off the excess!

Step 3 – Cutting Patches

Holes in the knees 2 (20)

For a start I thought I’d keep it simple and go with the old fashioned shape I remember my patches being as a kid.  A kind of oval/rectangle combo.  I used the leggings as a guide and cut a piece of fabric the right length to cover the entire knee area where the fabric was a little thinner.
Holes in the knees 2 (16)
I folded the patch in half…
Holes in the knees 2 (17)
Then in quarters…
Holes in the knees 2 (18)
Then I cut the shape free hand.  If you feel more comfortable drawing it first and then cutting out, do it that way!
Holes in the knees 2 (19)
Once you fold it out it should look similar to above.  But since it’s free hand each pair will be a little different.
Holes in the knees 2 (22)
I then used the original as a template to cut out the second patch.

Step 4 – Attaching Patches

Holes in the knees 2 (24)

Place in position and pin in place.  I found this easier with the leg folded double for the start, till pinned like above.
Holes in the knees 2 (26)
Then folding out to pin the last side.  With it folded out right at the start I found it difficult to get it to lay nice and flat.
Holes in the knees 2 (27)
Now zigzag the patch in place.  Sew close to the edge the whole way around the patch.  You can see it is a little puckered as stretch fabric likes to do, but a quick press with the iron will reduce this a lot.  But as you can see in the photos of Hannah at the start it stretches while wearing so becomes invisible!

Step 5 – Sew Unpicked Seam

Holes in the knees 2 a
Pin the seam together.  As you can see I use A LOT of pins which is a little unlike me…but the edges had a tendency to roll up.  I didn’t want to have one roll under as I overlocked and have to unpick it all again!  If you don’t have/aren’t overlocking zigzag work great for this step too.
Holes in the knees 2 b
Sew the seam over at the hem to prevent it coming undone and so it sits nicely flat.  You can tuck the overlocking tail in this fold and trim the end off afterwards.
Rather cute I think!   A great way to keep a few of her leggings long for the cooler days.