Baby Fleece Hunting Tee

Fleece hunting tops are almost an institution here in New Zealand!  My in laws are farmers and the whole family love a fleece hunting tee.  It’s not even just farmers/hunters so many kids at school are wearing fleece hunting shirts too…and why not they are comfortable and warm!  They don’t even need to look like hunting shirts depending on your fabric choice!

Baby Hunting Tee Shirt (72)

My SIL asked me to make a couple for her little boy.  He is nearly 3 months old and just the cutest thing!  So after three Hunting Tees I am finally happy with my pattern and ready to share it with you!

Baby Hunting Tee Shirt (10)

I have created a PDF pattern for you (yes it’s FREE!) it is in a Size 1 – so roughly 9 – 12 months.  These little hunting shirts are loose fitting and are worn over top of other layers, even though they are short sleeved.  I have made them with a V style neck so that they don’t ride up in little ones faces, and I don’t know about you but I can’t stand things right under my neck!  Except for scarves somehow they are ok.

Baby Hunting Tee Shirt a

What you will need

  • Fleece Fabric – It will need to stretch (mine is 2-way)
  • Domes – One set for the shoulder
  • Overlocker – For Hem and side/sleeve seams.  You can just sew the side seams and do a folded hem but you will need to add extra length to the hem to allow for it.
  • Sewing Machine that can zigzag or double needle.  Or any stretch stitch you like.
  • Thread

NOTE:  The bulk of this Hunting Tee is sewn in small zigzag stitch and a seam allowance of 3/8” (1cm).  I will specify if you need to use something different!


Step 1 – Print and cut your pattern

Baby Hunting Tee Shirt (11)

Print your pattern (6 pages) in actual size (or no scaling).  It could pay to just print the first page and check that the 1” (2.54cm) square measures up.  Then you can safely print the other 5 pages.  This pattern should work on both Letter and A4 sized paper.

Baby Hunting Tee Shirt (1)

Line up the pages in the order shown in the chart on page 5. 

Baby Hunting Tee Shirt (2)

Trim off the the bottom outside border on pages 1, 2 & 3.

Baby Hunting Tee Shirt (3)

Trim off the side borders on pages 2 and 5.

Baby Hunting Tee Shirt (4)

Now you are ready to tape them together.

Baby Hunting Tee Shirt (5)

Tape the bottom row together making sure all the borders line up.

Baby Hunting Tee Shirt (7)

Do not line up the edge of the pages, you need to line up the edge of the printed border.  Sometimes the printer can skew a little or a page can load a little to either side.

Baby Hunting Tee Shirt (14)

Cut out your pattern pieces.  Now you are ready to cut your fabric!


Step 2 – Cutting your fabric

Baby Hunting Tee Shirt (19)

Cut your fabric as normal, making sure the stretch of the fabric is following the arrows marked on the pattern pieces.  I have also added the grainline arrows in case you are wanting to use a different fabric than fleece (the pattern pieces in the photos don’t show all the details yet as I added to them after testing!).

Baby Hunting Tee Shirt (17)

The back piece is cut as normal on the fold.  Then with the piece laying right side up you need to trim the right hand shoulder piece to the red line on the pattern.  Remember, this is with the fabric facing the right way up!  The trimmed side is for the normal seam, the left side is longer for the domes.

Baby Hunting Tee Shirt (16)

Here is the front piece laying right side up.  This one also needs to be trimmed.  You will need to lay your pattern on upside down!  So you will be trimming the top left side.


Step 3 – Attach Neck Facings

Baby Hunting Tee Shirt (21)

With the right sides of the fabric facing each other pin the neck facings in place.  The raw edges should line up with the neckline on the front and back pieces.

Baby Hunting Tee Shirt (22)

Sew starting at one shoulder right around to the other.

Baby Hunting Tee Shirt (24)

You will need to sew down 3/8” (1cm) past the V and pivot leaving the needle in.  Then sew up the second side.

Baby Hunting Tee Shirt (26)

Repeat this step for the back facing.  This should be much simpler as it is only a curve!


Step 4 – Join Front and Back Shoulder

Baby Hunting Tee Shirt (29)

You will need to join the shorter side (left side with the fabric the right way up).  Pin the back and front together lining up the seams from the facings.

Baby Hunting Tee Shirt (30)

Fold out the facings seams to one either side to reduce the bulk in one place.

Baby Hunting Tee Shirt (31)

Sew all the way from one side to the other.


Step 5 – Prep Right Shoulder and Topstich Neckline

Baby Hunting Tee Shirt (33)

On the other side (both front and back) sew the double layered piece as shown above.  Do not sew past the edge of the facing as you will see this from the outside.

Baby Hunting Tee Shirt (35)

Trim the corners of these last seams.

Baby Hunting Tee Shirt (36)

And turn right side out.

Baby Hunting Tee Shirt (37)

You need to make a cut into the seam allowance at the V of the neckline.   This allows it to sit flat when turned around the right way.

Baby Hunting Tee Shirt (39)

Pin the neckline in place.  You will needle to wriggle the seam between you fingers to bring the stitching to the edge.

Baby Hunting Tee Shirt (38)

Make sure that the shoulder seam is folded out flat before folding over!

Baby Hunting Tee Shirt (42)

Topstitch the entire neckline and the tops of the shoulder pieces on the front and back using the same zigzag stitch.  Start at one shoulder at the armhole edge, then you can sew all the way around in one go.  Use the same pivot technique for the V neck.


Step 6 – Add Dome

Baby Hunting Tee Shirt (43)

Position the domes on the top corner of the shoulder at the neckline side.  I use the corner in the stitching as a guide.  Remember that the front will overlap the back piece.

Baby Hunting Tee Shirt (44)

There you have two domes ready to go!

Baby Hunting Tee Shirt (46)

Trim the excess of the facing from the inside.


Step 7 – Adding Sleeves

Baby Hunting Tee Shirt (49)

Starting on the non domed side pin the centre of the sleeve piece to the seam at the top of the shoulder, with the right side facing.

Baby Hunting Tee Shirt (50)

Then pin the two ends.

Baby Hunting Tee Shirt (51)

Spread any gather evenly and pin the remaining seam.  Pin with the body side up so you can keep an eye on the seem staying flat.

Baby Hunting Tee Shirt (52)

I overlocked these in place.  You can zigzag as normal if you don’t have an overlocker.  Again I used a 3/8” (1cm) seam allowance.

Baby Hunting Tee Shirt (53)

There is your sleeve attached!

Baby Hunting Tee Shirt (54)

Time for the other side.  Pin your domed shoulder togther before pinning sleeve.  Line the centre of the sleeve up with the seam on the top of the shoulder.

Baby Hunting Tee Shirt (55)

Once you have pinned the centre remove the first pin so that you don’t sew over it!  Pin the rest of the sleeve as you did the first one.  Make sure that the layers stay flat when sewing!

Baby Hunting Tee Shirt (57)


Step 8 – Sew Side/Sleeve Seams

Baby Hunting Tee Shirt (61)

Pin the side and sleeve seam in one go.  Make sure to line up the seam at the armpit.

Baby Hunting Tee Shirt (62)

You will notice that the bottom doesn’t line up completely but…

Baby Hunting Tee Shirt (64)

Once you sew the seam allowance they will!

Baby Hunting Tee Shirt (63)

I again overlocked this seam but you can zigzag if you prefer.


Step 9 – Hem Sleeves

Baby Hunting Tee Shirt (65)

Fold over the raw edge by 1/2” (1.27cm) and pin in place.

Baby Hunting Tee Shirt (66)

Zigzag with a 3/8” (1cm) starting at the seam and sew right around the sleeve.

Baby Hunting Tee Shirt (67)

There it is all done!  Repeat on the other sleeve.


Step 10 – Hem Bottom & Add Label

Baby Hunting Tee Shirt (74)

As you can see I just overloacked the edge.  You can fold the hem just the same as the sleeves if you prefer.

Baby Hunting Tee Shirt (69)

Choose where you want your label to go and use a regular glue stick to stick in place.

Baby Hunting Tee Shirt b

Sew around the edge of the label.  They you can trim the edges if you like.

Congrats you are all finished!  I would love to see your creations if you make a hunting tee and please share this post using the links below!

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  1. Your very generous giving away this pattern. It looks super snuggly comfy! Nice to see you are getting good use out of your overlocker! I can see I'm going to get overlocker envy with your tutorials.

  2. Thanks Linda, I hope to give away many more 🙂 No overlocker? Nooooo! To be fair I did zigzag most of this tee, it would be nearly as easy to zigzag the sides and hem too. x

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