Pattern Review – Oliver + S Bucket Hat

Oliver   S Hat (6)

I have been wanting to make a bucket style hat for my kids since the start of the summer.  We are a good half way through summer now and I have finally got there.  Well that’s not quite true…Harry’s is still half made on the sewing table!  In my defence I have been babysitting central this week, not a day without extra kids so far this week.  On the upside Harry is off for a playdate/sleepove tomorrow so I’ll go from a full house to just Hannah and I for the day.  I can’t wait!

Oliver   S Hat (7)

I chose the Oliver + S bucket hat pattern as I liked the shape and the free pattern.  We all love a free pattern!  The original Oliver + S pattern is for a reversible bucket hat but I decided to make mine single layered to keep them as cool as possible on the hot days we have been having.  I am really happy with how it turned out!

Oliver   S Hat (14)

I overlocked the hat pieces together and did do a double layer for the brim.  Even with two layers of cotton fabric it is still a little softer than I would like, next time I will make it three layers!

Oliver   S Hat (4)

I also extended the brim width (which probably explains the more floppy nature) to give a little more sun protection to the strawberry blondes who need it!  The sun here in NZ is incredibly harsh and you burn in no time, so any bit of extra protection that doesn’t require a flap at the back of your hat is awesome!

Oliver   S Hat (12)

Both these fabrics came from my personal collection (a.k.a stash!) I believe they are both cotton but there are no guarantees on that.  I love how easily this hat came together especially with the single layer change.

The most time consuming part was sewing the quarter inch seams around the brim.  I liked the look of the them but didn’t want to carry them on all the way to the edge of the hat.  Now I’m not so sure…I think I might just do those last few seams it may make it slightly less floppy!

Oliver   S Hat (3)

I will have to make a few more, maybe a plain one for floral dresses…good choice in the photos!  Hannah chooses her own clothes these days and some mornings I really can’t help but send her back to change.  I try my best to let her make her own style choices but…it’s hard!

Also I think these would make an excellent gift idea, I’ll be adding them to my gift sewing list.  Yep I have a spreadsheet for that!

Head over to Oliver + S (link above) to get your free pattern!

5 thoughts on “Pattern Review – Oliver + S Bucket Hat

  1. I’ve only just seen your hat Nina, very impressed ! I would like to make a smaller version for my grandaugter for next summer.

    If that is your garden I would like one as large as that too. Lucky you to live in New Zealand!

    1. Hi Maureen, they are a great hat and the free pattern comes with smaller sizes. Thanks for reminding me with summer heading our way here I better make the kids some more. That is my garden (1258m2 section!) which to be honest is wasted on a non gardener like me! I like the privacy and luckily it’s mostly lawn and trees. Definitely lucky to be living in this beautiful country 🙂

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