Trip to the Tairawhiti Museum Gisborne NZ

Tairawhiti Museum Visit
My sister rang this morning while I was taking the kids grocery shopping (ugh!) thought I would get in early before it got hot and busy!  She wanted to go to the Tairawhiti Museum today, she had heard that local children were free on Monday’s (maybe just in the school holidays) and it turns out adults are free too.  Since I have only ever been to the cafe there I jumped at the chance.
There was a whole room dedicated to cameras and photography.  Including a cute backdrop with ‘olden day’ dress ups you could put on.  I love how interactive museums are becoming, so much more fun especially for the kids.

It really makes you appreciate the smart phone rather than having to lug around one of these beauties.
There were some great shots of our main street from just a few years ago.  I think Harry was in a face pulling mood today!
This gorgeous replica is of the ‘Star of Canada’ part of which has been rebuilt as part of the museum.  The details in these models is amazing the photo just doesn’t do them justice!
There are even the gorgeous plaques of the original shipbuilders.   So I guess the Star of Canada was built in Belfast Ireland…wouldn’t have guessed!
Captain Harry sure was keen on taking charge!
But what really got me was the attention to detail on the Captain’s deck of the boat.  Image how much work this would have been before modern tools were invented!
Oh you just have to love a port hole!  Esepecially with a gorgeous view of the Taruheru river!  It always reminds me of those childhood day dreams of being at sea…
Tairawhiti Museum Visit a 
Now for the more sewing related find…check out these two beauties I found in a very dark room.  The lighting made them stand out beautifully!
This really was only a taste, and a great morning was had by all.  I would like to go again without the rugrats so I can actually read a little more about the pieces!  If you’re ever in this neck of the woods check it out.