Pattern Review – It’s Always Autumn – The Runaway Shortie

It's Always Autumn - Runaway Shortie a_www

We’ll I spotted this gorgeous romper (Runway Shortie by It’s Always Autumn) and I just couldn’t resist!  Autumn has a tutorial and a free PDF pattern in size 12 – 18 months.  I have just done a pattern review and was wanting to spread them out a little but well I just couldn’t wait!

It's Always Autumn - Runaway Shortie b_www

I decided on plastic domes as apposed to the steel snaps, mainly because I found not one but three colours that went perfectly!  I also decided to use the contrast fabric from the cuffs and ties for the back facing for that extra bit of colour.

It's Always Autumn - Runaway Shortie (7)_www

The optional little boxed pleat on the front is just gorgeous and I think it definitely needs it.  I wanted to make this one quickly as my 15 month old niece is growing quickly and is rather big for her age…so I used the 12 –18 month pattern and instead of sewing with 1/2” seam allowance I used a smaller 3/8” or straight overlocked.  And still it only just went on, so I better make her a slightly bigger one!  Lucky I have a smaller girl in mind to give this one too!

It's Always Autumn - Runaway Shortie (11)_www

Other than the different coloured back facing the only change I made was not folding over the cuffs.  This was purely a length issue with such a tall girl but I really do like the look of the folded cuff.  I will probably fold the cuffs up before giving it to the other little girl as she is not tall for her age, don’t want it to hang down past her knees!

It's Always Autumn - Runaway Shortie (9)_www

This is a great free pattern and comes together very easily.  I definitely see a few more of these on my sewing to do list!

Happy sewing!