Sewing for Boys

Boys Colour Block Shorts a

I have noticed I have way more tutorials for girls than for boys.  There are so many patterns and gorgeous things to sew for little girls but not nearly as much for boys.  Well I suppose the Baby section is all unisex but I definitely need to do a few more boys tutorials!  I love these Colour Block Rugby Shorts and will definitely be making more next summer.  Harry wears them all the time! 

Superhero Cape d

Dress ups are always fun and who doesn’t want to be a superhero (Cape Tutorial Here)!  I think Harry likes dressing at least as much as Hannah, if not more.  We have Batman, Spiderman, Optimus Prime, Cowboy and Pirate costumes all home made to some degree.  Well except Optimus Prime he got that one for his birthday.

20151103_074556Simple Raglan Tee (33a)

The Simple Raglan Tee is another great wardrobe staple.  So easy to make and easy to wear.  I love being able to contrast the shoulder fabric, but you could leave it all the same for a plain colour tee.  I have some more versions of this one coming up soon!

Harry Swim Trunks (41)

I just made Harry a new pair of Swim Trunks as he has outgrown this pair already.  Since they are made in exactly the same fabric just a little larger I didn’t see the point in photographing them again!  But these are super simple to make and I got them made in the hour before a birthday party where he was going swimming.

But I think what I really need to do is to make a few more ‘good clothes’, the kind you wear out for dinner or to a party.  I was thinking a simple dress shirt and I have to admit I am a little partial to a sweater vest too!  That will have to wait till the weather cools down and I’m not too keen to get the knitting needles out anytime soon so maybe a knit fabric version…

In my searches for cute boy’s clothes I did find that Dana from Made has a series called Celebrate the Boy which is definitely worth a look too!

Are there any boy’s items you would like to see a tutorial for?