Valentine’s Day Sewn Paper Heart Pouches

Valenties Sewn Paper Heart Pouches (19)

Valentine’s Day is not a very big deal here in New Zealand, but it is getting bigger every year.  A little like Halloween I suppose!  I’m never quite sure what to do for Valentine’s Day.  Since I have started blogging and reading a lot of other blogs, I have seen so many cute gift ideas…I didn’t want to miss out!  So being the day before over here I thought I had better get cracking!  Luckily these gorgeous sewn paper heart pouches are very quick and easy to make.

Valenties Sewn Paper Heart Pouches (21)

I really like all the paper pouches sewn in various shapes filled with lollies (yep that is what we call candy or sweets in NZ!).  I love the simpleness and the cuteness factor too.  I also like that you can control how much you put inside!  So since I am just starting out with Valentine’s gifts I will just make them for my immediate family this year.  We’ll see how far we get next year with a little more planning!

Valenties Sewn Paper Heart Pouches (1)

From my previous hobby (card making) I still have plenty of pretty paper and ribbons at my disposal.  I have shared a Handmade Owl Card, Cat Silhouette and a Teddy Bear if you want to check them out.  To be honest I have really been bitten by the sewing bug and don’t really make many cards at the moment.  So using up a few supplies is a probably a great idea!

What you will need

  • Paper any pattern or plain, I have seen very cute ones made from regular brown paper.
  • Decorations – Ribbon, stickers, embellishments of any kind you like
  • Lollies (Candy/Sweets) not too large in size

NOTE: For a non sweet treat option you could add little toys, Lego mini figures would be ideal, or those teeny tiny My Little Ponies.  The options are endless!



Valenties Sewn Paper Heart Pouches (4)

Cut out the shapes you want, of course I have gone with hearts for Valentine’s Day…so original!  You will need a front and a back for each pouch.

Valentines Post (23)

Sew around the edge using a long stitch length and leaving a gap to insert your treasures.  I like to leave the threads long and I don’t lockstitch or reverse over at the start or end.  That way I can tie the threads at the back later.

Valentines Post (25)

Now it is time to fill up your pouch.  You can use a funnel if you like but I found it easy enough just to pour them in holding the treats in the palm of my hand.

Valentines Post (26)

Sew the hole closed taking care to start and finish as close to the original stitches as possible.

Valentines Post (27)

Tie the two sets of top threads together and do the same on the underside.  You should have four sets of two threads tied together.

Valentines Post (28)

Using a needle pull the top threads through the stitch next to where they were tied, down to the underside.  See the photo above!

Valentines Post (29)

Tie the top and bottom threads together at both ends and trim the excess thread.  That is the sewing part finished!

Valentines Post (31)

Now they should look like a little like these.  Time to decorate!!!

Valentines Post (32)

I have these cute little paper fasteners that are excellent for making little decorative ribbon bows.  Great tip: Note the drawing pin (thumb tack/push pin), I use it to make the holes before inserting the paper fasteners, much easier!

Valentines Post (33)

Just fold your bow into shape and use the paper fastener to secure in place.  Remember not to fold out the backs of the fasteners till it is attached to the paper.

Valentines Post (34)

Use you drawing pin to make the hole, that way it goes exactly where you want it and you don’t risk bending the paper fasteners out of shape.

Valentines Post (35)

Insert your paper fastener bow.  Very quick and easy but super cute!

Valentines Post (36)

I love using craft scissors to decorate the cut edge.  It just finishes the edges nicely!

Valentines Post (37)

There you have all a little different but gorgeous none the less!

Valentines Post (10)

Just one more of these delicious peach flavoured hearts…YUM!!