Easter Treat Jars Tutorial

Welcome to my Easter Treat Jars tutorial! I wanted to make something a little crafty and handmade for Easter this year. The great part is you can fill them with what ever you like and of course the fabric top colour options are endless.

Easter Treat Jars (21)

I was inspired by Heidi from Happiness is Homemade who made these gorgeous Easter Bunny Treat Jars.  Wanting to add my own little twist so decided not to go with the bunny theme.  And as much as these are called Easter treat jars you could use them for Birthdays, Christmas and many other holidays too.  Just change what you put inside!

Easter Treat Jars (22) p

These two little jars are upcycled from my Heinz Sandwich spread habit!  I have only recently found it for sale in NZ and am enjoying the hell out of it!  I am making two today, one for each of my Nieces on my side of the family.

Easter Treat Jars (13)

You can fill them with any Easter treats you like!  I have gone for the Kinder Eggs as they are smaller and only 2.6 carbs (others sit mostly over 10 for small eggs), which seems unimportant when gifting Easter eggs to children but one of my Nieces is a diabetic, so it is very important for her.  Know a diabetic child too?  I have a great tutorial for insulin pumps bands!

Easter Treat Jars (20)

Now back to these gorgeous little jars!  I think they are pretty self explanatory to make…but just in case here is what I did step by step!


What you will need to make the Easter Treat Jars

  • Glass Jars – I upcycled some old ones, you don’t really need to have the lids but they are handy for keeping the paint out of the inside of the jar.  Mason jars or even a drinking glass would work too.
  • Spray Paint – I used undercoat first and a top coat in the colour of your choice.  I think matt pastels give them a very ‘Easter’ feel.  Saying that I like working with what I have, so white mine are going to be!
  • Tape – Masking tape, sellotape or even stickers in the shapes you want.  As long as they are easily removable!
  • Cardboard or something to sit the jars on while you paint them.  I use an old canvas that I painted years ago but didn’t like the finished painting!
  • Rubber Gloves – Optional but highly recommended when working with spray paint!

Clean and dry Jars

Easter Treat Jars (1)

You need to make sure that the jars are thoroughly cleaned and dried.  If you reusing old jars make sure to remove all labels and any adhesive residue.  As you can see my canvas has been used as a spraying base a few times before, most recently for spray painting piggy banks.

Tape up your design

Easter Treat Jars (2)

A little hard to see on the left jar as I have used regular sellotape as I can’t find the masking tape and can’t be bothered to go and buy more!  The little black circles will make a neat print, and I already had these as I use them for my Handmade Owl Cards which was my first ever blog post!


Easter Treat Jars (3)

I have put the lids back on before painting so that the overspray doesn’t end up inside the jars.  You don’t need to paint the necks as they will be covered with the fabric top.  Give them an even light coating of the undercoat.  Too thick and the paint will run.

Easter Treat Jars (5)

Another great tip, lay your base on the lawn!  That way any over spray will be caught on the grass and will be gone next time you mow it.  It is quite windy here today so there was quite a bit of drift this time, take it into account!  As you might already know gardening is not my strong point or area of interest…I do appreciate a beautiful garden I just have no desire (or skill) to create one.  So if your lawn is a little more precious to you feel free to get out a drop sheet.

Easter Treat Jars (6)

Wait for the paint to dry and then do add a top coat.  Depending on the paint and the coverage you are after you may want to add a couple of layers.  Since my undercoat and top coat were both white one layer will do it for me.  You can see my finger prints on the edges of the lids, I find it easier to hold the jar and turn it as I paint.  You will definitely want to wear the rubber gloves for that!

Remove Tape

Easter Treat Jars (7)

Time to remove the tape (or stickers), I found it easiest to use a blade to lift the edge then peel off.  If you used sellotape you might want to use a blade to lift a small edge and then tweezers till it is large enough to grab with our fingers.

Easter Treat Jars (8)

Fill and Decorate

Easter Treat Jars (15)

Add your treats!  I also had some small chocolate Bunnies to go with the Kinder Eggs.  The treats don’t need to be wrapped since we didn’t paint the inside it should still be nice and clean.  You might want to seal the top with the lid before adding the cloth cover. Remember that you can fill your Easter Treat Jars with so many things, candy, chocolate, little toys. Or healthier treats like nuts, crackers, dried fruit etc.

Easter Treat Jars (17)

Cut two circles a little larger than the top of the jar.  I used a round plastic container to draw around.

Easter Treat Jars (19)

Then place it over the top and tie on.  I have used a small elastic but thread or even a hair tie would work well too.  I also added a lace layer which I glued on to the jar neck.

Easter Treat Jars (20)

Last but not least…tie it all up with a ribbon bow!

I think they are just gorgeous and I’m sure my Nieces will love their Easter Treat Jars ♥

Note for next time, I think I would do more small dots so you can see a little more of the treats from the outside!

Happy Easter!!

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