Pattern Review – Brindille & Twig Rolled Hem Romper

Pattern Review - Brindille & Twig Rolled Hem Romper (3)

I finally got around to making my Niece a Brindille & Twig Rolled Hem Romper.  I have been eyeing up this particular baby romper pattern for quite a while!  It is nice and versatile and a great base to make alterations from, and it comes in good size range of preemie to size 6.  I love all in ones a.k.a onesies for pyjamas, especially for little ones still in nappies (diapers).  For my first one I thought I better just stick to the exact pattern and see how it all goes together before making changes!

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I was given two big rolls of this rib fabric in bottle green and teal, which Hannah now has as leggings out of for autumn too.  I chose the bottle green for this one, it is much more green than it is showing in my photos.  I’m a big fan of unisex Pyjamas when I know the family I’m giving to are planning on more children in the future!  I used to buy Hannah unisex ones when she was little and it saved me a fortune after Harry was born.  I was still given plenty of pink and purple as gifts, and it’s not like you take them out in their pyamas anyway.

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These gorgeous little rompers are nice and easy to sew together with a serger (overlocker).  It is a great quick project and now that I have followed the instructions once I will be able to whip them out in no time at all.

Pattern Review - Brindille & Twig Rolled Hem Romper a

The rolled cuffs are a simple and quick way to finish the hems.  I like the look and it is so easy!  I also like that they would be very easy to lengthen later as the child grows.  You could just fold out the roll and add regular cuffs when they get too short.  Not to mention you could always cut them into shorts and get another season out of the same Pyjamas.  The pattern comes with both short sleeves and legs and long sleeves and legs, again so versatile!

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I have another one in the pipeline in a nice grey and blue stripe, I would share who that one is for but they might be reading this!  I will share the finished photos on Instagram!  Follow me on Instagram for more regular updates ♥

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  1. The romper look great, and your photos are looking brilliant too. We never went for unisex onsies, so my baby girl has beautiful dresses by day and car onsies by night lol

  2. Thanks Linda! Hannah had a nice green train pair 😉 I got in trouble with my MIL for buying her 'boys' pj's so she bought her two pairs of pink floral ones lol! Never did make Harry wear those, for some reason it is ok for girls to wear boys clothes but vice versa not so much…

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