Sewing for Boys – Baby Taggie Blanket + Tutorial

Baby Boy Taggie Blanket Comforter (25)

I have been wanting to sew more boys things, and baby boy’s are no exception!  I have always liked the look of the cute little taggie blankets.  A few friend’s kids have them and they seem to love their little taggies.  With all those different textures and colours why wouldn’t they!  So here is my baby taggie blanket tutorial with the usual step by step photos and instructions.

Baby Boy Taggie Blanket Comforter (24)

The shape options are endless but I thought I would go with a rectangle to give them plenty of corners to hold onto.  Babies seem to be sucking on the corners of everything so they might feel a little hard done by with a circle!  I also decided to leave one long side ribbon/taggie free so that it has a snuggly side too.  These little taggies would make an excellent baby or baby shower gift.

Baby Boy Taggie Blanket Comforter (21)

I have used microfleece which has a corduroy look and is super snuggly and soft.  For the second side I chose a cotton stripe print with a high contrast black and light tan.  Babies love looking at black and white pictures when they are young, I believe they can see the contrast better.

Now the tutorial to make your own!

What you will need

  • Fabric Scraps – I used microfleece and cotton print.  I think a snuggly side is nice minky would work well too, or even a shiny soft satin.  I cut a rectangle of both fabrics measuring 28cm (11”) by 19cm (7 1/2”).  Don’t feel you have to make this size, you can do whatever works with the fabric you have available!
  • Ribbon – I cut my ribbons pieces 6.25cm (2 1/2”) long, this makes nice small tags that stick out by roughly 2cm (3/4”).  If you want longer tabs cut longer pieces of ribbon.  How many to cut it totally up to you!
  • Thread and a regular sewing machine


Step 1 – Cut Fabric & Ribbon

Baby Boy Taggie Blanket Comforter (3)

Cut out your two rectangles (or whatever shape you want to use!) and cut your ribbon tags.  I laid mine out to decide how many of which colour I would use.  Measurements are in the ‘what you will need’ bullet points!


Step 2 – Attach Tags

Baby Boy Taggie Blanket Comforter (5)

Make sure your fabric is laying with the right side facing up, fold your ribbon tag in half and pin in place with the raw edges lining up.

Baby Boy Taggie Blanket Comforter (6)

I decided to arrange the colours in a pattern, but the pattern is different on each of the three sides.  I don’t you about you but I don’t like to have two the same colours next to each other…why???

Baby Boy Taggie Blanket Comforter (7)

Once you are happy with your arrangement and colours it is time to sew them in place!  Please note I did not measure any of the ribbon placements I just eyeballed it.  I find the best way to get it fairly even is to pin the two ribbons nearest the corners first, then the middle and so on!

Baby Boy Taggie Blanket Comforter (8)

Sew with the right side facing up using a 1/4” seam allowance.  You need to keep a good eye on those tags to make sure they don’t get pushed out of line by your presser foot…unless skewed is the look your are going for!

Baby Boy Taggie Blanket Comforter (9)

There they are all sewn in place.  The thread colour is not important as you won’t see it once your baby taggie blanket is all put together.


Step 3 – Joining the two halves together

Baby Boy Taggie Blanket Comforter (10)

Oops I may have opened the curtains!  It got a little bright in here!  Lay your second side on top of the side you attached the ribbons to.  They need to be right sides facing each other (inside out).

Baby Boy Taggie Blanket Comforter (11)

Line up all the sides and pin together.  I have used a lot of pins as one layer is stretch (the microfibre corduroy) and the other is not.  I don’t want it to skew as I sew!  Don’t forget the double pins at the top, they mark a 2” gap so that you can turn it around the right way!  Note: When possible leave the opening (gap) on a straight side not on a curve or a corner, it is much easier to fold in and sew neatly on a straight edge.

Baby Boy Taggie Blanket Comforter (2)

On a wee tangent, I love this little pink ruler!  My Oma (Grandma) sent a set of four to my two kids a few years ago…I may have ‘borrowed’ this one from Hannah!  It is so handy having a small ruler right by you for those little measurements ♥

Baby Boy Taggie Blanket Comforter (12)

Back to sewing the taggie blanket!  Starting from one set of double pins sew all the way around to the second set of double pins using a 1cm (3/8”) seam allowance.  This will make sure those ribbons are caught twice and unlikely to pull out later, and hide the first line of sewing neatly inside.

Baby Boy Taggie Blanket Comforter (13)

Trim off the sharp corners so that they will sit neatly once turned around.


Step 4 – Turn and finish

Baby Boy Taggie Blanket Comforter (14)

Turn the baby taggie blanket around the right way by feeding it through the gap you left open.  The little ribbon tabs are quite handy to help pull the seam gently out.  I used my finger to press from the inside to make the corners sit neatly.

Baby Boy Taggie Blanket Comforter (15)

Making sure it is sitting nice and flat pin all the sides again.  You will need to fold in the raw edges of the opening (gap) and pin so that it matches the rest of that side.

Baby Boy Taggie Blanket Comforter (16)

I have used a few extra pins at the opening to make sure it stays closed and sits nicely.

Baby Boy Taggie Blanket Comforter (18)

Again sew around the outside edge, as you can see I used the edge of my presser foot as the seam allowance.  That is between 1/4” and 3/8”, you definitely want to make it less than 1cm (3/8”) or you won’t catch the opening.  I think a 1/4” seam allowance would work well too.

Baby Boy Taggie Blanket Comforter (19)

And there you have it all done!  A gorgeous little taggie baby blanket!  Which baby boy wouldn’t love this colour combo, just about every boy I know loves blue, green and orange!


Step 5 – Close Opening Edge (Optional)

Depending on how wide your seam allowance was you might want to close the opening a little more securely.  I used a ladder stitch to close mine.  There is a great tutorial for that here!

Baby Boy Taggie Blanket Comforter (23)

Now just to decide who to give this one too…

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