PUL Reusable Bowl Covers Tutorial

I have been meaning to make some of these reusable bowl covers, for quite a while now.  I too feel a little guilty every time I use plastic wrap…well not so much when I’m making freezer paper stencils mind you that has a purpose!

PUL Reusable Bowl Covers Quick and Easy Tutorial (8)

I recently saw a tutorial on fabric bowl covers on craft gossip which reminded me I need to make these.  I love their design but decided there had to be an easier and quicker way.

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So I decided to forgo the double layer and save time on sewing a casing for the elastic.  I decided on PUL (I had some left over from my book bags) and thought a little leak protection wouldn’t go astray!  Instead of regular elastic I used shirring elastic, I used to avoid this stuff like the plague but it really is very easy once you try it.

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Now for the quick and easy tutorial!


What you will need to make your Reusable Bowl Covers

  • PUL Fabric – or any fabric you want to use
  • Shirring elastic wound onto a bobbin
  • Circle template (think plate/bowl etc)
  • Pen, scissors, thread

Step 1 – Cut Fabric

Reusable Bowl Covers Quick and Easy Tutorial

Use your circle template to draw a circle on the back of your fabric.  You want your circle to be at least 2cm (little under an inch) larger on all sides than the bowl you want to cover. So that the reusable bowl covers will be large enough to fit over the bowl.  You can make them a lot bigger to fit multiple different sizes.

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I overlocked my edge to prevent it fraying or getting worn in the wash.  If you don’t have an overlocker you can either skip this step or zigzag it using your regular machine.  Don’t worry if it gets a little gathered/puckered as you go around you won’t see it once it’s shirred.

Step 2 – Sew Shirring Elastic

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I sewed two rows of shirring elastic, one in the center of my overlock stitch and the other on the edge of the overlock stitch furthest away from the raw edge.  To use your shirring elastic you hand wind it onto your bobbin with a little stretch as you are winding.  Then insert into the bobbin compartment and sew as normal, with regular thread on the top.

Step 3 – Oh wait that’s it!!!

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Here is the inside view!  Normally I would steam press the shirring but that didn’t seem like a good idea with PUL!  It will probably tighten a little more after the first wash, but either way it holds perfectly well as it is.

It really is that simple!  It took me less than 5 minutes to make this one and once I got into a rhythm I could churn them out in way less than that.  So let your inner greenie out and get making reusable bowl covers!

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PUL Fabric Reusable Bowl Cover Tutorial

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  1. I do use dollar store shower caps for bigger bowls.

    I slip all other lidless containers in a clear plastic bag before I put them in the refrigerator. These are bags that contained other supermarket purchases (usually fruit or other bulk items) and by using them once or twice before I toss them in the recycle bin I can almost eliminate the need to purchase cling wrap.

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