Pattern Review – It’s Always Autumn – The Runaway Shortie

It's Always Autumn - Runaway Shortie a_www

We’ll I spotted this gorgeous romper (Runway Shortie by It’s Always Autumn) and I just couldn’t resist!  Autumn has a tutorial and a free PDF pattern in size 12 – 18 months.  I have just done a pattern review and was wanting to spread them out a little but well I just couldn’t wait!

It's Always Autumn - Runaway Shortie b_www

I decided on plastic domes as apposed to the steel snaps, mainly because I found not one but three colours that went perfectly!  I also decided to use the contrast fabric from the cuffs and ties for the back facing for that extra bit of colour.

It's Always Autumn - Runaway Shortie (7)_www

The optional little boxed pleat on the front is just gorgeous and I think it definitely needs it.  I wanted to make this one quickly as my 15 month old niece is growing quickly and is rather big for her age…so I used the 12 –18 month pattern and instead of sewing with 1/2” seam allowance I used a smaller 3/8” or straight overlocked.  And still it only just went on, so I better make her a slightly bigger one!  Lucky I have a smaller girl in mind to give this one too!

It's Always Autumn - Runaway Shortie (11)_www

Other than the different coloured back facing the only change I made was not folding over the cuffs.  This was purely a length issue with such a tall girl but I really do like the look of the folded cuff.  I will probably fold the cuffs up before giving it to the other little girl as she is not tall for her age, don’t want it to hang down past her knees!

It's Always Autumn - Runaway Shortie (9)_www

This is a great free pattern and comes together very easily.  I definitely see a few more of these on my sewing to do list!

Happy sewing!

Pattern Review – Oliver + S Bucket Hat

Oliver   S Hat (6)

I have been wanting to make a bucket style hat for my kids since the start of the summer.  We are a good half way through summer now and I have finally got there.  Well that’s not quite true…Harry’s is still half made on the sewing table!  In my defence I have been babysitting central this week, not a day without extra kids so far this week.  On the upside Harry is off for a playdate/sleepove tomorrow so I’ll go from a full house to just Hannah and I for the day.  I can’t wait!

Oliver   S Hat (7)

I chose the Oliver + S bucket hat pattern as I liked the shape and the free pattern.  We all love a free pattern!  The original Oliver + S pattern is for a reversible bucket hat but I decided to make mine single layered to keep them as cool as possible on the hot days we have been having.  I am really happy with how it turned out!

Oliver   S Hat (14)

I overlocked the hat pieces together and did do a double layer for the brim.  Even with two layers of cotton fabric it is still a little softer than I would like, next time I will make it three layers!

Oliver   S Hat (4)

I also extended the brim width (which probably explains the more floppy nature) to give a little more sun protection to the strawberry blondes who need it!  The sun here in NZ is incredibly harsh and you burn in no time, so any bit of extra protection that doesn’t require a flap at the back of your hat is awesome!

Oliver   S Hat (12)

Both these fabrics came from my personal collection (a.k.a stash!) I believe they are both cotton but there are no guarantees on that.  I love how easily this hat came together especially with the single layer change.

The most time consuming part was sewing the quarter inch seams around the brim.  I liked the look of the them but didn’t want to carry them on all the way to the edge of the hat.  Now I’m not so sure…I think I might just do those last few seams it may make it slightly less floppy!

Oliver   S Hat (3)

I will have to make a few more, maybe a plain one for floral dresses…good choice in the photos!  Hannah chooses her own clothes these days and some mornings I really can’t help but send her back to change.  I try my best to let her make her own style choices but…it’s hard!

Also I think these would make an excellent gift idea, I’ll be adding them to my gift sewing list.  Yep I have a spreadsheet for that!

Head over to Oliver + S (link above) to get your free pattern!

Pattern Review – Sofilantjes Liv Skirt

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Sofilantjes Liv Skirt a

I bumped into an indie designer by the name of Sofilantjes while checking out Dutch sewing blogs.  She has some great designs and patterns for sale in English and Dutch too.  She even has a free pattern for the Liv Skirt.  So I thought I better test this one out!

Sofilantjes Liv Skirt (5)

The Liv skirt uses knit fabric with a contrast piece for a shallow pocket.  I love the look of the pocket but they are quite small/shallow.  Next time I would either make them a little bigger so that they are more useful or have a faux pocket just for the look.

Sofilantjes Liv Skirt (19)

I think it’s safe to say she likes it!  Always a bonus bonus when you’ve gone to the trouble to make it for her!  As for the sizing it was pretty spot on for Hannah who is 7 years old and measured up perfectly for the size 7/8.  If you are not a fan of short skirts then I would a little length to the pattern.  Hannah is quite tall so I would add a little more length on the next one.  But it will look great over a pair of leggings or stockings too.

Sofilantjes Liv Skirt d

I used a piece of fabric I found at the Salvation Army Store for 50 cents and the contrast polka dots came from my stash.  You might recognise it from my Ruffle Knit Tube Skirt!  I used a double needle for the binding on the pockets, joining the pocket piece and for topstitching the waistband.  I attatched the waistband using a small zigzag stitch and finished the raw edges using the overlocker but zigzag would have worked fine too.

Sofilantjes Liv Skirt b

The Sofilantjes Liv Skirt was a uncomplicated make.   The pattern comes with seperate instructions which are fairly straight forward if you have a little experience.  I think a new beginner may struggle a little with the small diagrams.  There are only 6 pages to print and the assembling is nice and easy!

Sofilantjes Liv

All in all I really enjoyed this make and the skirt is very cute!  I will be keeping an eye on Sofilantjes to see what they do next!