My Jeans Are Too Short Fix Tutorial

My Jeans Are Too Short – Adding Hem Length

My jeans are too short…again! One of the disadvantages of being fairly tall at 176cm (roughly 5′ 9″). It’s great being able to reach things on the high shelves and being able to wash the roof of the car easily, but I do wish I could wear high heels without towering over everybody. Oh and often than not ready to wear pants are just to short.

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Show Your Stoff Zierstoff Blog Tour

Show Your Stoff – Zierstoff Blog Tour + Discount Code!

It’s Zierstoff Blog Tour time! I have joined many other bloggers and signed up for the ‘Show Your Stoff Blog Tour’ using the great patterns from Zierstoff. I live on the underside of the globe in little old New Zealand. Since we are heading into our cooler weather I have chosen to make the Yann Hoodie/Shawl Collar Shirt and the Nico Reversible Pants. I think these two will make excellent staples for the cooler months. Both these patterns are available in two size ranges, 6 Months to 4/5 Years and 5 Years to 12 Years. These are nice broad size ranges which should mean you get a lot of use out of your pattern purchase.


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Cute Kiwi Cushion Free Pattern Tutorial

Cute Kiwi Cushion Free Pattern + Tutorial

Meet my cute kiwi cushion! Nothing quite like a little national pride and what better than a Kiwi. The small fluffy flightless bird of New Zealand we name ourselves after.  Not the equally small and fluffy fruit which we know as kiwifruit rather than just ‘kiwi’ as I have noticed many other countries do.  This cute kiwi cushion would be a great learn to sew project, especially with the little kiwi kids.

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Nappy Diaper Wipes Travel Pouch Pattern Tutorial Pdf

Baby Nappy & Wipes Travel Pouch

This gorgeous little Baby Nappy & Wipes Travel Pouch will fit into your regular handbag for those short trips. When my two were still little I used to drag around a rather large baby bag (diaper bag) everywhere we went.  When they got a little older I so wanted to use a regular handbag that I ended up putting a nappy and a packet of baby wipes in with my regular handbag contents.  Not a great look standing at the counter to pay trying to find your wallet hidden in between the nappies! One of these Baby Nappy & Wipes Travel Pouches would have been perfect. Too late for me now but I’m sure I have a few friends that would like one…and of course plenty of you here will have a use for the pattern too!

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Super Easy Waterproof Swim Bags Tutorial

Super Easy Waterproof Swim Bags – Tutorial

It’s that time of year again, school swimming. Which is great for them, the weather has been hitting 30°C regularly and they could use the cool off.  But the wet togs and towels crammed into their school bags soaking everything else…not so much.  I am not a plastic bag fan, I prefer to use re-usable when possible.  So here we have a super easy tutorial for waterproof swim bags! It is very simple you only need to know how to sew straight lines on a regular machine, which I have a tutorial on if you need it.

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Buy Bloomers Pink Roses Floral Muted Size 18 to 24 Months

Baby Bloomer Pattern Hack Tutorial (McCall’s M6912)

These gorgeous bloomers are the very same as I sold in my online shop (now closed). I looked high and low for a perfect bloomer pattern but just couldn’t find what I was looking for. So I went for the closest thing and altered it to suit. I chose the McCall’s M6912 for its simple design, even though I didn’t particularly like the way the original looked. Since I am no longer selling these I thought you might like to be able to make your own!

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Top 10 Beginner Sewing Tips Nina Makes Tutorials Patterns Free

Learn to Sew – Top 10 Beginner Sewing Tips

Here are my Top 10 Beginner Sewing Tips! When you are just starting out on your sewing journey sometimes those little Sewing Tips are so helpful. Those of us who have been sewing a while tend to take these for granted, and presume they are common knowledge.

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Updated: Learn to Sew – Joining Elastic 3 Ways

As part of my Learn to Sew tutorials for beginners I have updated my Joining Elastic 3 Ways post.  Now it matches the new formatting and should be a lot easier to read and use.  So if you need a little help with joining elastic, then check out the updated post!

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