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Easter is at the end of March this year…yes that’s pretty soon!  I didn’t want it to jump up and surprise me.  There is nothing worse than leaving it to the last minute and having to rush out and buy the (usually horrible or hugely expensive) left over eggs at the store.  So I decided to get organised! I had a great time creating this Easter Printable to share with you all.

Free Easter Printable Nina Makes (2)

The colours options are endless and so much fun to mix and match. I might have to make another Easter printable for next year.

These are for my Sister-in-law’s four kids, I like to get them similar but not exactly the same presents so no-one feels hard done by.  I also like to keep Easter presents pretty small and inexpensive with seven nieces and nephews and not to mention my two, it can easily get out of hand!

Free Easter Printable Nina Makes (7)

This year I decided on some bright large plastic cups which conveniently came in a 4 pack.  With four colours the kids actually like! And the great part is they each have a new cup they can use for the rest of the year too.

Free Easter Printable Nina Makes (5)

Inside each cup is a milk chocolate bunny, a couple of marshmallow eggs and a little Cadbury Caramello egg.  Not a whole lot but plenty of chocolate for little people, and not so little people too I suppose.  And they get to keep the cups which are always handy for picnics, parties and camping too!

Easter Printable Free Download Here!

Free Easter Printable Nina Makes (3)

I decided on making an Easter egg shaped printable label for the cups.  Which of course I have also turned into a pdf to share with you all. You can download your Free Printable Easter Egg Tags by clicking the link.  I have placed each one in its own oval to make them easier to cut out.  If you want the name printed you can save a copy in whatever format suits you to add the names on. I chose to hand write mine in fine tip neon pens.

Free Easter Printable Nina Makes (4)

After cutting and writing on the children’s names, I stuck two small pieces of double sided tape on the back.  I didn’t want to use glue or anything that might be hard to wash off later when they use the cups.  Then just stick in place.

Free Easter Printable Nina Makes (6)

And there you have some gorgeous little Easter Gifts that will last a little longer…well just the one part!

Free Easter Printable Nina Makes (8)

Feel free to share, there are no restrictions on the use of the printable so feel free to go nuts!

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