Easy Last Minute Christmas Gifts Advent Mold Chocolates

Easy Last Minute Christmas Gifts – Advent Calendar Mold Chocolates

Have you left your Christmas gifts to the last minute? Don’t panic your can just make these Easy Last Minute Christmas Gifts – Advent Calendar Mold Chocolates.  Since naturally I left the final gifts till Christmas Eve to sort out, the kids had just finished their last chocolate in their advent calendars. Why not use them as a mold to make your own Christmas themed chocolates!

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Top 10 Beginner Sewing Tips Nina Makes Tutorials Patterns Free

Learn to Sew – Top 10 Beginner Sewing Tips

Here are my Top 10 Beginner Sewing Tips! When you are just starting out on your sewing journey sometimes those little Sewing Tips are so helpful. Those of us who have been sewing a while tend to take these for granted, and presume they are common knowledge.

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Movie Night Pajamas - Sew a Little Seam

Pattern Review – Movie Night Pajamas by Sew a Little Seam

I have been wanting to sew a pair of these Movie Night Pajamas by Sew a Little Seam for quite a while now. Since Christmas is just around the corner and Hannah needed more summer PJs I though it was high time to move them to the top of the to do list.  I wish I had a few pictures of Hannah in these for you. But it will have to wait till after Christmas morning!  Check out my Instagram for those.

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Buy these gorgeous baby bloomers in my shop

Handmade Kids/Infants Clothing Shop + New Look

Updated: 02/12/2016

The Nina Makes Shop has CLOSED. I have made the decision to return to work and find a ‘real’ job, and I really don’t have the time or desire to do both. But not to worry the Nina Makes Blog with tutorials and patterns will remain open and updated regularly!

My handmade kids/infants clothing shop is finally open! I hope you will have a little look around. I have been sewing up gorgeous little bloomers, rompers and some PUL lined book bags like these.  There are sweet little foxes, floral prints and more modern geometric prints too.  The bloomers have a paper bag style waist and leg openings too. This gives them a lovely soft and slightly ruffled look.

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Folded Paper Party Bowls Tutorial

Disney Moana Origami Candy Bowls Tutorial

There is something very satisfying about folding only paper into something useful (or beautiful!).  These Origami Candy Bowls are super easy and look great!  I made these for the upcoming Disney Moana movie, as they would be great for a Moana themed party.  I do love a good Disney movie and am very excited about Disney Moana.  Living in New Zealand I am looking forward to see how they have used the legends I grew up reading.  Maui myths and legends books were a common story favourite when I was at primary school, and I still remember the stories.

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Updated: Learn to Sew – Joining Elastic 3 Ways

As part of my Learn to Sew tutorials for beginners I have updated my Joining Elastic 3 Ways post.  Now it matches the new formatting and should be a lot easier to read and use.  So if you need a little help with joining elastic, then check out the updated post!

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Learn to sew - step 1 - straight seam

Learn to Sew – A Straight Seam – Beginners Tutorial

Do you want to learn to sew?  Think it is too difficult? I have been told by so many people that sewing is just too hard…well I thought I would start addressing that by making tutorials for the absolute beginner.  I will be bringing out a series of very basic and easy to follow tutorials to get you started on your learn to sew journey.

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