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It’s Zierstoff Blog Tour time! I have joined many other bloggers and signed up for the ‘Show Your Stoff Blog Tour’ using the great patterns from Zierstoff. I live on the underside of the globe in little old New Zealand. Since we are heading into our cooler weather I have chosen to make the Yann Hoodie/Shawl Collar Shirt and the Nico Reversible Pants. I think these two will make excellent staples for the cooler months. Both these patterns are available in two size ranges, 6 Months to 4/5 Years and 5 Years to 12 Years. These are nice broad size ranges which should mean you get a lot of use out of your pattern purchase.


In the interest of transparency and keeping to the rules, I need to acknowledge that I was provided the patterns at no charge for being part of the Zierstoff blog tour. This post also contains Affiliate links please see my Terms & Conditions for full details!

Show Your Stoff Zierstoff Blog Tour

Zierstoff Blog Tour – Yann Hoodie/Shawl Collar

First up I made the Yann with the Shawl Collar for Hannah.  She unlike Harry is not the biggest hoodie fan so I thought the shawl collar made a cute and a little different alternative. I have gone a little out there on the fabric choice for this one and chosen to use scuba fabric. Being quite thick and almost a little boxy I thought it would work well for this top.

Zierstoff Blog Tour Yann Nico Nina Makes

I love how it turned out but more importantly Hannah does too! Don’t you just love it when you just know they are actually going to wear what you have so carefully made for them. I can’t complain my two are usually very happy to have homemade clothing.

Zierstoff Blog Tour Yann Nico Nina Makes

The Yann Hoodie was very simple to sew and came together very quickly. I chose not to add a pocket as I liked the print on the fabric too much to cover the center front. I used ribbing for the cuffs at the wrists and waist in a dark navy blue.

I’m sure the older they get the harder it gets to get a great photo out of them…so many poses! The pants she is wearing are the Nico Reversible Pants up next just the other way around, so versatile.

Zierstoff Blog Tour Yann Nico Nina Makes

Hannah sure loves her Yann Hoodie and has given it a good test. Plenty of freedom of movement and very comfortable she assures me. The sleeves are on the shorter end but then my kids are very tall and quite slim. Next time I would make the wrist cuffs a little wider as I think that will give a nice look too.

Zierstoff Blog Tour – Nico Reversible Pants

Next up I made the Nico Reversible Pants. I liked the rolled up cuff look and the fact that they are reversible, but also that I could line them with a warmer fabric without them looking like track pants. Don’t get me wrong track pants are great but not for all occasions. Hannah wears mainly leggings so a pair of nice warm lined pants was just what she needed.

Zierstoff Blog Tour Yann Nico Nina Makes

They are even great for tree climbing! I chose a woven cotton outer fabric and a tracksuit/sweat pants knit fabric for the warm lining. You can see them worn in reverse in the Yann Hoodie photos above!

Zierstoff Blog Tour Yann Nico Nina Makes

I love the fold up cuffs as they ensure they will fit this tall fast growing girl for quite a while! I made the size 9-10 years (140) going by the measurements as Hannah is only 8 years old. She is very tall for her age and on the slim side, and the standard fit of the 140 size fits well without any alterations. I would make sure you check the measurements if your child is a little on stocky side as you may need to go up a size and adjust the length. Especially if like me you want to line them in a thicker warm fabric.

Zierstoff Blog Tour Yann Nico Nina Makes

The Back pocket is a cute little detail which I’m sure will get plenty of use!

Zierstoff Blog Tour Yann Nico Nina Makes

I have thoroughly enjoyed sewing my Yann and Nico for the Ziestoff Blog Tour. I see plenty more of both in my future projects list!


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Zierstoff Blog Tour Yann & Nico Pattern Review by Nina Makes


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