How to sew an infant hat - Trio of Baby Hats

Pattern Review – Trio of Baby Hats by Zaaberry

Who can resist a cute baby hat…certainly not me. When I came across the Trio of Baby Hats by Zaaberry I just had to test them out. Well that was 18 months ago but I have finally got around to making them! The above link will take to the Zaaberry blog Trio of Baby Hats Tutorial and Pattern.

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Nappy Diaper Wipes Travel Pouch Pattern Tutorial Pdf

Baby Nappy & Wipes Travel Pouch

This gorgeous little Baby Nappy & Wipes Travel Pouch will fit into your regular handbag for those short trips. When my two were still little I used to drag around a rather large baby bag (diaper bag) everywhere we went.  When they got a little older I so wanted to use a regular handbag that I ended up putting a nappy and a packet of baby wipes in with my regular handbag contents.  Not a great look standing at the counter to pay trying to find your wallet hidden in between the nappies! One of these Baby Nappy & Wipes Travel Pouches would have been perfect. Too late for me now but I’m sure I have a few friends that would like one…and of course plenty of you here will have a use for the pattern too!

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Buy Bloomers Pink Roses Floral Muted Size 18 to 24 Months

Baby Bloomer Pattern Hack Tutorial (McCall’s M6912)

These gorgeous bloomers are the very same as I sold in my online shop (now closed). I looked high and low for a perfect bloomer pattern but just couldn’t find what I was looking for. So I went for the closest thing and altered it to suit. I chose the McCall’s M6912 for its simple design, even though I didn’t particularly like the way the original looked. Since I am no longer selling these I thought you might like to be able to make your own!

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Quick Sew Long Fit Baby Hat – Any Size

Quick Sew Long Fit Baby Hat - Any Size (18)

Things are finally cooling off around here, and some hats are definitely going to be needed!  This is a very quick and easy baby hat that can be worn for a long time as baby grows by adjusting the size of the fold.  In this tutorial I will give you all the instructions you need to make this hat in any size you like.

Quick Sew Long Fit Baby Hat - Any Size (17)

This hat is sewn in stretchy knit fabric (don’t be scared…knits are so much fun once you try!) this one is upcycled from a jersey, you only need two rectangles of fabric.  This little hat also has no seams against the baby’s head, so no uncomfortable scratchy seams leaving marks on those precious little heads.

Quick Sew Long Fit Baby Hat - Any Size (20)

You can even finish off by tying off the corners and making these cute little ears!  Lets get started with the tutorial.

What you will need

  • Stretch Fabric – I used an old soft knit jersey of Hannah’s
  • Thread
  • Sewing Machine (or by hand but will take a lot longer)


Step 1 – Measure Head

Quick Sew Long Fit Baby Hat - Any Size (1)

You can either measure the wearers head or use the standard measurements I found on a crochet site.  If you are measuring, make sure you measure the largest part of baby’s head.  As you can see Hannah’s ‘baby’ is getting a new hat, and you might even recognise her from my Baby Doll Nappy (Diaper) Tutorial.

Hannah’s Baby has a 26.5cm head circumference.  You will need to halve this number which will be 13.25cm.  And your fabric dimensions will be 26.5cm x 13.25cm!  This allows for a fold over rim which can be folded more or less as needed, making this hat last a lot longer on a growing baby!


Step 2 – Cut your Fabric

Quick Sew Long Fit Baby Hat - Any Size (5)

I like to cut mine on the fold to make it easier.  The bottom edge in the photo is folded.  If you are cutting on the fold you will need to cut a square, in my case 13.25c,m x 13.25cm.  The stretch in the fabric must go parallel to the shortest side, so in my photo above from left to right.  That way it can stretch around baby’s head.

Quick Sew Long Fit Baby Hat - Any Size (6)

Folded out you can see I have two rectangles measuring 26.5cm x 13.25cm.  If you are wondering why I didn’t add any seam allowance, it is because the fabric is stretchy it needs to be a little smaller than the head size, so the seam allowance takes care of that nicely.


Step 3 – Sewing

Quick Sew Long Fit Baby Hat - Any Size (7)

With the right sides of the fabric facing each other (inside out) pin all the edges together.  Leave a 5cm (2 inch) gap to be able to turn the hat around the right way.  You can see I have marked this with a double pins so that I don’t accidentally sew it shut!

Quick Sew Long Fit Baby Hat - Any Size (8)

Start sewing from the edge of the gap (remove the pins don’t sew over top of them!) and reverse over a couple of stitches to secure.  As you can see I am using the edge of my pressor foot as the guide, this is roughly 2/8”.  I would recommend using a little larger of 1cm (3/8”), if your fabric is very stretchy or your hat is very large I would make the seam allowance a little bigger still.

Quick Sew Long Fit Baby Hat - Any Size (9)

When you get to the corners leave the needle in the fabric, lift the pressor foot and pivot the fabric to line up with the next side.  The lower the pressor foot and carry on sewing.  Remember to stop at the start of the opening!

Quick Sew Long Fit Baby Hat - Any Size (10)

It should look like this!  If you have trouble with the fabric stretching as you sew, make sure you sew slowly and stop with the needle in and lift the pressor foot a few times to let the fabric relax as you go.

Quick Sew Long Fit Baby Hat - Any Size (11)

Trim off the four corners so that the hat will lay sit nicely flat once turned around.


Step 4 – Turn and finish seam

Quick Sew Long Fit Baby Hat - Any Size (12)

Turn the hat around by pushing the fabric through the opening.

Quick Sew Long Fit Baby Hat - Any Size (13)

You can gently use a pencil (not the pointy end!) to help push out the corners if needed.

Quick Sew Long Fit Baby Hat - Any Size (14)

Hand stitch the opening closed.  You can machine stitch this but then you will be able to see the stitching, but it will end up inside the hat so it’s not a big deal.

Quick Sew Long Fit Baby Hat - Any Size (15)

Grab the hat in the centre and push one side inside the other.  Take a little time to get the corners lined up nicely and sitting fairly flat on the inside.


Step 5 – Enjoy your hat!

Quick Sew Long Fit Baby Hat - Any Size (16)

I think it’s rather cute!!  I do love Hannah’s baby she’s such a patient model!  As an optional extra you can tie off the the corners for a completely different look.


Step 6 – Optional – Tie Corners

Quick Sew Long Fit Baby Hat - Any Size (19)

To do this I just wrapped a little thread around each corner and pulled it tight, knotted it and tucked the thread ends inside the little ears using a needle.  So simple and very effective!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, as always I would love to hear from you so please leave a comment!

Pattern Review – Ottobre Baby Beanie + Another Brindille & Twig Rolled Hem Romper

Pattern Review - Ottobre Baby Beanie (3)

I just love a free pattern, who doesn’t!  But often they don’t live up to expectations…that is definitely not the case with the Ottobre Baby Beanie.  It is gorgeous and so simple to make and just perfect!  You only need a small amount of knit fabric, so it’s a great little scrap busting gift or project.  This one is going straight to the top of my baby gift making list.

Pattern Review - Ottobre Baby Beanie (8)

I did make this one for a gift, Hannah’s teacher is having a baby.  Hannah has only had her for one term but she is very nice and a great teacher.  It’s one of those congratulations on your baby but please don’t leave situations!  I couldn’t very well make just a hat for a baby present, so I made another Brindille & Twig Rolled Hem Romper too!  This fabric is from a T-Shirt dress I bought at The Warehouse specifically for the fabric.  I just liked the stripes and a cute patterned knit is hard to find in little old Gisborne.

Brindille & Twig Rolled Hem Romper 89 a

The hanger really isn’t doing it justice!  I am very happy with how this one turned out especially matching all those stripes!  I wasn’t sure about the rolled hems at first but I really do like them, they add a cute little touch and something different to cuffs.  My other favourite part it that the domes don’t go down the legs, they never sit right and always gape open in my experience.  If you are wanting an opening down the leg I would use a zip.

Brindille & Twig Rolled Hem Romper 89 (1)

I am starting to run low on domes so was pretty pleased about having enough of this colour, think it makes a nice combo.  Will have to order some more, but am having trouble deciding between metal or more plastic kam snaps.  Maybe white and black in the kam snaps and plain silver in the metal…thoughts anyone?

Pattern Review - Ottobre Baby Beanie (2)

If you are looking for a great versatile baby gift set pattern I would definitely recommend the combination of these two.  The Ottobre Beanie pattern is free too!  I did buy the Brindille & Twig Rolled Hem Romper pattern but that is money well spent being so versatile, I haven’t had it long and made three rompers already.  I see plenty more in my future!

Happy Sewing!

Pattern Review – Brindille & Twig Rolled Hem Romper

Pattern Review - Brindille & Twig Rolled Hem Romper (3)

I finally got around to making my Niece a Brindille & Twig Rolled Hem Romper.  I have been eyeing up this particular baby romper pattern for quite a while!  It is nice and versatile and a great base to make alterations from, and it comes in good size range of preemie to size 6.  I love all in ones a.k.a onesies for pyjamas, especially for little ones still in nappies (diapers).  For my first one I thought I better just stick to the exact pattern and see how it all goes together before making changes!

Pattern Review - Brindille & Twig Rolled Hem Romper (1)

I was given two big rolls of this rib fabric in bottle green and teal, which Hannah now has as leggings out of for autumn too.  I chose the bottle green for this one, it is much more green than it is showing in my photos.  I’m a big fan of unisex Pyjamas when I know the family I’m giving to are planning on more children in the future!  I used to buy Hannah unisex ones when she was little and it saved me a fortune after Harry was born.  I was still given plenty of pink and purple as gifts, and it’s not like you take them out in their pyamas anyway.

Pattern Review - Brindille & Twig Rolled Hem Romper (7)

These gorgeous little rompers are nice and easy to sew together with a serger (overlocker).  It is a great quick project and now that I have followed the instructions once I will be able to whip them out in no time at all.

Pattern Review - Brindille & Twig Rolled Hem Romper a

The rolled cuffs are a simple and quick way to finish the hems.  I like the look and it is so easy!  I also like that they would be very easy to lengthen later as the child grows.  You could just fold out the roll and add regular cuffs when they get too short.  Not to mention you could always cut them into shorts and get another season out of the same Pyjamas.  The pattern comes with both short sleeves and legs and long sleeves and legs, again so versatile!

Pattern Review - Brindille & Twig Rolled Hem Romper (5)

I have another one in the pipeline in a nice grey and blue stripe, I would share who that one is for but they might be reading this!  I will share the finished photos on Instagram!  Follow me on Instagram for more regular updates ♥

Pattern Review – It’s Always Autumn – The Runaway Shortie

It's Always Autumn - Runaway Shortie a_www

We’ll I spotted this gorgeous romper (Runway Shortie by It’s Always Autumn) and I just couldn’t resist!  Autumn has a tutorial and a free PDF pattern in size 12 – 18 months.  I have just done a pattern review and was wanting to spread them out a little but well I just couldn’t wait!

It's Always Autumn - Runaway Shortie b_www

I decided on plastic domes as apposed to the steel snaps, mainly because I found not one but three colours that went perfectly!  I also decided to use the contrast fabric from the cuffs and ties for the back facing for that extra bit of colour.

It's Always Autumn - Runaway Shortie (7)_www

The optional little boxed pleat on the front is just gorgeous and I think it definitely needs it.  I wanted to make this one quickly as my 15 month old niece is growing quickly and is rather big for her age…so I used the 12 –18 month pattern and instead of sewing with 1/2” seam allowance I used a smaller 3/8” or straight overlocked.  And still it only just went on, so I better make her a slightly bigger one!  Lucky I have a smaller girl in mind to give this one too!

It's Always Autumn - Runaway Shortie (11)_www

Other than the different coloured back facing the only change I made was not folding over the cuffs.  This was purely a length issue with such a tall girl but I really do like the look of the folded cuff.  I will probably fold the cuffs up before giving it to the other little girl as she is not tall for her age, don’t want it to hang down past her knees!

It's Always Autumn - Runaway Shortie (9)_www

This is a great free pattern and comes together very easily.  I definitely see a few more of these on my sewing to do list!

Happy sewing!

Toddler Stretch Nappy (Diaper) Cover

With all the scorching summer weather we’ve been having a little person I know has been spending all her time in nappy covers.  One was getting a little snug around the waist so time to whip up a new one!  Instead of the woven cotton diaper cover I made with the french seams, I wanted to make a comfy lightweight stretch one.
Toddler Stretch Nappy (Diaper) Cover (39) (2)
I based my design on a pair she had with the legs openings on the front of the cover.  It looks a little odd but if you picture a crawling baby their legs are out the front!  It also makes a great shape for plenty of nappy room.
Toddler Stretch Nappy (Diaper) Cover (40) (2)
It was rather difficult to get a picture of the little miss in these…sitting still is not her strong point!
Toddler Stretch Nappy (Diaper) Cover (45)
But I managed to get one from the back while she played with my car keys!  What is it with babies and car keys?  Sadly all the other photos were blurry!  I will have to try and catch her in better light the next time I see her!


What you will need

  • Stretch Fabric – You don’t need much, I like to use the cut pattern piece as a size guide when I look through my scrap fabric drawer!
  • Elastic – 3/4” (2cm) wide by 17” (43cm) long.  Mine was super stretchy so you can use a little more if you need to.
  • Ribbing for leg openings – 1 1/2” (4cm) wide by 9” (23cm)
  • Overlocker (optional but easier!)
Note: This nappy cover is sewn using a 3/8” (1cm) seam allowance unless otherwise stated.


Step 1 – Print PDF & Cut Pieces

Toddler Stretch Nappy (Diaper) Cover (1)
It really is very simple!  The pattern piece is the same for the front and the back, you just cut the leg openings out of one (the front) piece.  You will also need to cut the two pieces of ribbing and the elastic to length.


Step 2 – Attatch Ribbing

Toddler Stretch Nappy (Diaper) Cover (8)
You will need to stretch the ribbing gently as you go, you will end up with roughly half an inch extra ribbing at either end.  This will help make it easier to sew and can be trimmed off later on.
Toddler Stretch Nappy (Diaper) Cover b
Sew with the right sides facing each other using a small zigzag stitch.  I find it much easier to sew with the ribbing underneath, that way you can keep an eye on all the gathers to make sure they don’t fold double underneath!
Toddler Stretch Nappy (Diaper) Cover (10)
It should look a little like this!
Toddler Stretch Nappy (Diaper) Cover (11)Toddler Stretch Nappy (Diaper) Cover (12)
Toddler Stretch Nappy (Diaper) Cover (13)
Fold the ribbing around the main fabric as shown in the photos above and pin in place.
Toddler Stretch Nappy (Diaper) Cover (14)
Again using a small zigzag stitch (or a double needle looks and works great if you have one!) sew close to the edge of the ribbing closest to the main fabric (photo above).
Toddler Stretch Nappy (Diaper) Cover (15)
Toddler Stretch Nappy (Diaper) Cover (16)
Trim off the excess ribbing on the inside of the near the seam but not so close that it pulls out or you cut the stitching!


Step 3 – Close Leg Openings

Toddler Stretch Nappy (Diaper) Cover (18)
Now that you have the leg openings bound in ribbing it is time to close the end.
Toddler Stretch Nappy (Diaper) Cover a
With the right sides facing each other, I like to overlock these two together.  You can sew using zigzag if you don’t have one!
Toddler Stretch Nappy (Diaper) Cover (21)
Toddler Stretch Nappy (Diaper) Cover (22)
Now you want it to sit nice and flat so it doesn’t dig into chubby little legs!  Tuck the excess overlock thread in underneath the fold.
Toddler Stretch Nappy (Diaper) Cover (23)
I prefer to hand stitch this step that way you can’t see  it from the right side.  Starting at the raw edge of the ribbing stitch the two layers together all the way to the finished edge of the leg opening and back again for extra strength.
Toddler Stretch Nappy (Diaper) Cover (24)
There we are much better!  Repeat on the other side.
Toddler Stretch Nappy (Diaper) Cover (25)


Step 4 – Sew front and back together

Toddler Stretch Nappy (Diaper) Cover (26)
Pin the front and back layers together, if you are using striped fabric make sure to line them up!  Start by pinning the sides together and work your way around the bottom.  Spread any gather on the back side evenly along the bottom edge.
Toddler Stretch Nappy (Diaper) Cover (27)
Overlock (or zigzag) right the way around.  Nearly there!!


Step 5 – Add Waistband

Toddler Stretch Nappy (Diaper) Cover (29)
Join the elastic and pin place spreading the gather evenly.  I have a tutorial with the full instructions for joining the elastic and pinning this style waistband here.  Just skip the overlocking first step!
Toddler Stretch Nappy (Diaper) Cover (31)
I have worked out that you can overlock and join the elastic all in one step!
Toddler Stretch Nappy (Diaper) Cover (33)
And there it is, now is a great time to tack that label in place if you want to add one.
Toddler Stretch Nappy (Diaper) Cover (35)
Fold over the band and pin the seams in place first.  Then stretch the area between the two pins to spread the gather and pin the centre in place (another example in the link for the elastic above).
Toddler Stretch Nappy (Diaper) Cover (36)
Sew with a regular zigzag stitch over top of the overlocking stretching as you go.
Toddler Stretch Nappy (Diaper) Cover c
Don’t do what I did and forget to check what colour stripe is on the back!  A little unpicking is always fun…but it definitely looks better after I changed the bobbin thread to black!
There you are all finished!  Enjoy all the chubby baby cuteness!