Happy New Year Auckland Holiday View from Waiheke Island Ferry

What is 2017 going to bring? + Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Nina Makes!

We had a lovely family holiday in Auckland this year.  Nearly all the photos in this post are from our trip, all taken on my trusty Samsung Galaxy S5 (not an ad!).  It was great to experience a city environment it had sure been a while!  The kids had a blast checking out the Auckland Zoo, Kelly Tarlton’s and Butterfly Creek.  My highlight would have to be the day spent at Waiheke Island catching up with friends, and ferries are lots of fun too.

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Trip to the Tairawhiti Museum Gisborne NZ

Tairawhiti Museum Visit
My sister rang this morning while I was taking the kids grocery shopping (ugh!) thought I would get in early before it got hot and busy!  She wanted to go to the Tairawhiti Museum today, she had heard that local children were free on Monday’s (maybe just in the school holidays) and it turns out adults are free too.  Since I have only ever been to the cafe there I jumped at the chance.
There was a whole room dedicated to cameras and photography.  Including a cute backdrop with ‘olden day’ dress ups you could put on.  I love how interactive museums are becoming, so much more fun especially for the kids.

It really makes you appreciate the smart phone rather than having to lug around one of these beauties.
There were some great shots of our main street from just a few years ago.  I think Harry was in a face pulling mood today!
This gorgeous replica is of the ‘Star of Canada’ part of which has been rebuilt as part of the museum.  The details in these models is amazing the photo just doesn’t do them justice!
There are even the gorgeous plaques of the original shipbuilders.   So I guess the Star of Canada was built in Belfast Ireland…wouldn’t have guessed!
Captain Harry sure was keen on taking charge!
But what really got me was the attention to detail on the Captain’s deck of the boat.  Image how much work this would have been before modern tools were invented!
Oh you just have to love a port hole!  Esepecially with a gorgeous view of the Taruheru river!  It always reminds me of those childhood day dreams of being at sea…
Tairawhiti Museum Visit a 
Now for the more sewing related find…check out these two beauties I found in a very dark room.  The lighting made them stand out beautifully!
This really was only a taste, and a great morning was had by all.  I would like to go again without the rugrats so I can actually read a little more about the pieces!  If you’re ever in this neck of the woods check it out.

Christmas Holiday Take 1 – Lottin Point & Waihau Bay

This stunningly beautiful spot was the first stop for the (pre)Christmas holidays.  This is Lottin Point on the top of the East Coast of New Zealand.  This is Robert and his families regular Christmas destination, and if you’re into diving or fishing it doesn’t get much better than this!   It is a private camp and my in-laws are the members so we camp with them. 
This is our tent, what a view!  I enjoy a bit of fishing but not too keen on diving (trusting equipment with my life is not my strong point!).  So as much as this place is absolutely stunning, dare I say it find it boring…I just find relaxing while doing absolutely nothing difficult!  The kids and Robert absolutely love it here so I put my brave face on and do my best to enjoy it too!

The kids have been body boarding, snorkelling and mainly crab hunting.  The beach is very rocky and we’re going to need to get Harry a long leg wetsuit his shins are scraped to bits!  Lottin is about 3 hours drive from home and there are only small settlements in between.  They do have well stocked local shops which is handy when you forget a stretcher and blanket!
On one of the days we went for an afternoon trip to Waihau Bay (for the Kiwi’s this is where the movie ‘Boy’ was set).   Hannah just had to have her photo taken on the little pier!
The locals were very friendly as we had some hot chips and cool drinks at the pub, they were eating the chips right off the table!  You can see the cute little pier in the background.

Even Harry found something to drool over!  Four Norton motorcycles (and their riders!) heading away after finishing their stop.

Then down to the stones we went for the kids new favourite hobby…crab hunting!  No we don’t eat them they are too teeny but the kids love collecting them up and letting them go at the end.  If you think this one is little check out Hannah’s find…
Yes that is a 7 year old’s hand!  So small I think even I might be brave enough to hold that one!
I loved our trip to Waihau Bay but after a bit more walking around, well it is a very small settlement half of which is on top of the hill behind it., so not too much walking!  It was time to head back to Lottin.
And off course no Lottin trip would be complete without a fishing trip on Grandad’s boat, and man they had a great trip!  They saw a blue shark, two sun fish and caught various species of fish including quite a few Tarakihi for a delicious dinner too!
These two beautiful fish are called pigfish…hmmm I don’t see the resemblance!  Hannah is holding a female and Harry a male.
Here is Harry with his Tarakihi the best tasting fish ever in my opinion!  Hannah has a NZ Scorpion Fish (a.k.a Grandaddy Hapuku or NZ Red Rock Cod).
It was great but it is also great to be home!  Will be back soon…

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!