Make Your Own Pom Pom ‘Toorie’ Tutorial

Highland Dance Pom Pom Toorie Tutorial r

As part of making my Highland Dancing Balmoral Bonnet tutorial (coming soon!) I needed to make a ‘Toorie’ more commonly known as a pom pom.  I thought the original tutorial was getting way too long, so here is a separate one just for the pom pom!  The above Balmoral Bonnet was given to me for Hannah, and is not the one I am making but it has a Toorie to show you!

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Highland Dancing – Duplicate Stitching Argyle Socks (Kilt Hose) + Tutorial

Highland Dancing Kilt Hose Argyle Socks - Duplicate Stitch (3)_www

Who knew that duplicate stitching was even an option!  Hannah has taken up highland dancing, I’d say she has been going about 10 weeks now and she is loving it.  Time to get the outfit sorted!

Highland Dancing Kilt MacDonald Tartan (1)r

This is Hannah’s kilt which I made (first one!) it is made out of MacDonald Modern Dress tartan.  Hannah’s last name is Donaldson which goes back to MacDonald and makes this her family tartan.  So of course we needed socks to go with this one.  If you have ever looked at highland Dancing costumes you will have run into the price of the argyle socks (kilt hose) eeek!  I definitely don’t want to spend over a hundred dollars on a pair of socks when I am not sure how long Hannah is going to want to dance for.  In most cases it is almost better to find the socks and then make the kilt to match, or buy a second hand full set.

Highland Dancing Outfit Costume Kilt Dickie Blouse Hose Socks (2)r

I was going to attempt to knit the entire socks myself, so I found a free pattern online and had a test run using left over baby wool I had.  Well I’ve knitted a little before but having 9 balls of wool going at one time was a bit much for me!  I couldn’t get the stripe to stay straight on one angle but I could going the other way…after about three attempts I decided enough was enough.  So when I came across this pair on Trade Me (NZ version of eBay) for $25 I just couldn’t say no.  In the photos on the listing they looked black and red but turns out when they arrived they were dark green and red.  Luckily Hannah’s kilt has a matching green in it!

Highland Dancing Outfit Costume Kilt Dickie Blouse Hose Socks (1)r

But they really didn’t go together (pity I didn’t think to take a picture before I started!) the main problem was the gold/yellow stripe.  Hannah’s kilt didn’t have any gold or yellow in it and it seemed to change the tone of the red just by being there.  So I dugout the white baby wool I had left over from the last baby hat I knitted and duplicate stitched over the yellow stripe.  It looked so much better, that I decided to make the red stripe white too and for good measure the green stripe navy (haven’t quite finished those yet!).  I had wanted to make part of the red diamonds navy but the duplicate stitching made a larger area too thick and bulky.  Still not a perfect match, a little too much red for her kilt but they are way better than they were and look pretty good in my opinion!  If she takes it further and carries on with the highland dancing then we can look at getting another pair but right now this works perfectly!


Highland Dancing Kilt MacDonald Tartan Inside (2)_www

Just in case you are in the same predicament I’ll show you how I did the duplicate stitching!

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